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About me

Hi, I am Rebecca.


I have been surrounded with Astrology for the last 15 years and with Tarot and Lenormand for about ten years. I wasn’t practice readings that much, I was mostly only an observer who was fascinated by power of Astrology and Cards.

A friend, given and taken by God

One night, some years ago a friend of mine, let’s call her Lucy, gave me a Tarot deck and asked me to pull cards for her and read them the way I feel them. She had some Tarot knowledge; I on the other hand had no practical experiences. I pulled cards for her, took two deep breaths and just started to talk to her how I feel about cards and what could happen. When things came through six months later, I was shocked. I mean, I knew the power of Cards before, but wasn’t sure if I could use them properly.

Lucy died two years ago in a car crash. The more I think about, the more I am sure that she was God’s gift to me. A gift that was taken away from me way too soon. But she believed in me even though I didn’t believe in myself and she gave me much needed push to start reading cards and to listen my inner self.

Astrology and Cards are connected

In past year and a half I have discovered an amazing connection between astrology and Tarot and Lenormand. I have analysed over 200 natal chart and solar charts and did Lenormand reading as well to see if there are any connections between them. Through these analyses I have gained priceless experiences.


Even though I can’t say that I am practising reading for a decade or so (as some other readers do), I have already gained a huge amount of experiences because of my willingness to learn and to practise every single day. In just past year and a half I have done more than 1000 readings; tarot, Lenormand, astrological relationship compatibility readings… I am so grateful to the people, who offered to read for them and then provided me with precious feedbacks.

Trust and love

I believe that our world needs two things; more trust and so much more love. Allow me to give my trust and my love to you! Check also my daily love and life quotes!


Stay positive, share love and trust that everything comes to you when it is meant to come!

Yours truly,