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DELAYED or DENIED marriage – TOP astrological aspects!

Delayed or denied marriage can be seen in one’s natal chart. In this article you will get insight in aspects which can led towards delayed or denied marriage.

Delayed or denied marriage

“When will I marry? Will I marry at all? I feel like marriage is not something I will experienced in this lifetime.”

In past 10 years I have heard these sentences many times from my clients. Natal chart can tell you whether you have delayed or denied marriage. However, one negative aspect alone cannot predict delayed or denied marriage per se. Iit is true only in a few cases that individuals didn’t have the best planetary conditions for marriage, but in many cases they simply had aspects that only delayed marriage for them.

Since my clients so often ask these questions in natal chart and tarot readings, I’ve decided to write an article about aspects that delay or deny marriage.

Nowadays it is really tricky to define “the right age” to get married. Individuals have their own reasons for when and why they will marry. People don’t marry in their 20s anymore. Wealth, health, education… all this can be huge reasons why someone marries later in late. So, if you are 30 and still not married, no reason to worry.

Delayed or denied marriage


When clients ask me if there are any reasons in their natal charts why they would marry late or wouldn’t marry at all, I check the conditions of their 7th House, 7th House ruler, planets that sit in 7th House and their aspects.

Marriage is appreciably delayed
– Saturn conjuncts Venus or Rahu or Mercury in 7th House
– Saturn and Moon both in 7th House
– Sun placed in Ascendant and Saturn in 7th House

Marriage is delayed
– Saturn in aspect with Jupiter
– Saturn in 5th House
– Venus in 7th House in aspect with the Moon from the 11th House
– ruler of the Ascendant in conjunction with Venus in 8th House
– Cancer Ascendant
– the Sun placed in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th or 9th House
– Venus is 43 degrees or more away from the Sun

Marriage is most likely denied
– Saturn and Sun both in 7th House
– void Venus

However, be aware that an aspect alone cannot be the reason why you will have delay in marriage or why you wouldn’t marry at all. I have seen 1000+ natal charts so far. From what I have seen delays or denials usually happen when two or more different negative aspects are all in natal’s chart. However, if there are also positive aspects that influence natal chart in a great way, this alleviate negative aspects.

Delayed or denied marriage


It is true that one’s natal chart will show main tendencies that one will have in their life. However, transits (especially from Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and progressive charts can turn the natal chart around. For example: when Pluto transits happens to one’s Sun or other personal planet, great changes in one’s life can happen.

In a future I will publish an article on the topic of aspects between Venus and Saturn, which is extremely interesting for one’s love life in general.

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Loves & Hugs, Rebecca

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