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Sense of humor in natal chart – Do you have it?

Sense of humor in your natal chart

Do you know someone, who is easy to talk to and can pull a joke or two out of every (even very bad situation)? Chances are this person has either well placed and aspected Mercury or Jupiter in natal chart.

When someone asks me what the main astrological indications are that someone has a good sense of humor, I immediately think about Mercury and Jupiter and asteroid Thalia. I already talked about Thalia in another article – in this one I will focus only on Mercury and Jupiter and their placement, aspects in one’s natal chart.

So, why could Mercury and Jupiter be planets that show us one’s ability to be outstanding stand-up comedian?

Mercury is a planet of communication. Speaking, writing, communications of all kinds are Mercury’s domain. It shows the ability how one is able to express oneself. Jupiter, on the other hand, rules higher learning – intellectually and spiritually. It’s ‘the guardian of abstract mind’. So, when those two are well placed in one’s natal chart, there is no doubt that this person for sure is an interesting communication’s partner.

Mercury and/or Jupiter in aspect to:

  • the Sun: creative and unique sense of humor, maybe a little dramatic even
  • the Moon: modest, softer sense of humor, a breath of innocence will come with it
  • Venus: classy and charming sense of humor, extremely polite, not offensive
  • Mars: immature and sort of boyish sense of humor, could be more on an aggressive side
  • Saturn: mature and sarcastic sense of humor, sometimes reserved, maybe uncertain
  • Uranus: shocking and unique sense of humor, sometimes maybe strange and offensive
  • Neptune: unique yet confusing sense of humor with a lot of imagination
  • Pluto: intensive, controversial sense of humor, morbid, with lots of taboo topics
  • to each other: playful and youthful sense of humor, sometimes a bit inappropriate, quirky

Maybe we could take a look at two great comedians that I really like for their amazing ability to make other people smile and think at the same time. The comedian and actor Jim Carrey (I really love his ability to do outstanding impressions) and comedian & social-critic, known (and loved) for his black comedy George Carlin. They both have very well placed Mercury in an aspect to Jupiter. BUT they also both have extremely well placed Thalia, but I will talk about it in another article.

Jim Carrey has his Mercury in the 3rd House in the sign of Aquarius and: conjuncts Jupiter (with both of them being in “the House of communication” there is no doubt that communication is a major theme of his life), trines Moon (gives him ability to listen other people and feel their emotions), squares Neptune (gives him ability to fantasize, yet this could cause some delusion and instability in his life).

George Carlin, an American stand-up comedian, social critic, regarded as one of the most important and influential stand-up comedians has in his natal chart Mercury in 10th House (House of career) in Taurus and: conjuncts Sun (his way of expressing himself is supported by his looks), trines Neptune (gives him crazy amount of creativity), conjuncts Uranus (his ‘out of the blue’ words or statements can shock the audience), and trines Jupiter (which brings him good luck when he speaks and brings him an even bigger audience).

It should be noted that the Moon could/should also be an important player when it comes to expressing own feelings (what comedians actually do), but I will do research on that some other time. 😉


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  1. Sagittarius Sun trine Leo Jupiter
    Capricorn Mercury conjunct Capricorn Uranus

    Both of these aspects I have are exact aspects and I definitely agree with description above.

  2. Jupiter in ascpect with Mercury had manny comedians like : Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin ,Don Rickles, Leslie Nielsen, jim Carrey, all had that aspect in there natal chart.

  3. Also sagittarius ascendants are known as class clowns when they were kids. I am sagittarius ascendant with Mercury in sagittarius making also aspect sextile with Jupiter and I was always class clown, even when I was trying to be serious other kids did not get me serious. I had also rebellious temperament when I was a kid, nobody was kidding me I was just kidding with myself and other kids.

    • I believe that Sagittarius always plays an important role when it comes to playful, cheerful mind. This sign alone is crazy funny and if mixed properly with other planets in ones natal chart can make an icredible funny persona. 🙂

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