3 basic survival skills with Pluto transits through our natal chart

3 basic survival skills with Pluto transits through our natal chart

How do you survive Pluto transits?

Astrology students know, what this title means; they know the power of Pluto. For the others, who are not so familiar with it: Pluto’s actions are like a life of a Phoenix. Depending on the area of your natal chart that he touches, he turns all your old patterns of thinking, living, understanding into dust and forces you (usually we have a bit of rebellious attitude towards Pluto’s changes therefore Pluto needs to force us to change) to take a step into the new direction of life. Pluto’s changes are always good for us! They come exactly when we need them. Changes are big and harsh, true but on a longer run, you will see them as the most needed and most amazing changes that have ever happened for you. Pluto will change you from the inside out.

Pluto travels very slowly – it is the slowest of them all. So if transit Pluto aspects any of your natal planets or important points (Ascendant, Descendant, MC, IC), this usually indicates great changes in this area and you should eve feel blessed to experience them; not all will experience them in their entire life!

As already said, Pluto is all about change; however, our inner mechanism usually does not like changes and our subconscious and conscious mind will probably resist any Pluto changes. And here it is, where you see Pluto’s changes as something very painful. The rule is simple – if you resist, you will feel pain. If you go with it, you will not.

But what can we do to ease the pain of Pluto’s changes?

As someone who survived Pluto transits to natal Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Venus and as someone who will experience Pluto in conjunction with natal Sun in next four years, I became aware of Pluto’s incredible power quite soon in my life. I have learned valuable lessons, yet I still believe that the biggest one is about to come with transit Pluto on my natal Sun in few years. Therefore, I did some researches on how to deal with all the changes that Pluto brings. So, how to survive and benefit the most from Pluto’s changes?

Do no negotiate, just say no!

When you are going through changes around and within you, the most important thing is probably to keep your life as much simple as possible. If there is time in your life when you should say NO, it is now. Learn to say no, if you do not feel you can handle new responsibilities. You have to empower yourself and to empower means to take only responsibilities that you like, that make you feel happy, and satisfied. If anyone tells you that by saying NO you are being selfish, well done! This is exactly the whole point of empowerment – you take care for yourself first!

Organize yourself!

In order to keep things as simple as possible, you need to organize yourself. Write to-do lists; write them for each month, each week and each day separately but keep them simple and concentrate yourself only the most important things. Don’t demand too much of yourself. And be proud of yourself once you have done all what was on a list!

Allow things to happen!

You will feel powerless during this Pluto transit for sure. The more you will try to resist change, the less powerful you will feel. As already said – Pluto will bring you to the new path of live whether you want to or not. Therefore any resistance is pointless. Take Pluto’s changes as a gift or at least as an opportunity to discover your new self and become better version of yourself. Trust the change!



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