Ascendant in your natal chart – what does it says about you?

Did you know that your Ascendant sign might be even more important than your Sun sign? Check it out!

Ascendant in your natal chart - what does it says about you?

Do you know what your Ascendant sign is? If not, write your birth data on comment sektion (or send me them via my Facebook Page) and I will tell you yours. Once you determine your Ascendant sign, scroll down and find yours.

Aries as Ascendant

Many of the characteristics interpreted above will be present, but will be expressed rather differently when Aries is the Ascendant. The determination to win will again be extremely important, and physical and emotional energy will be exerted to this end – rather more so than with a Sun-sign Aries.

The direction the determination takes will rely on the individual’s Sun sign and other areas of the birth chart. Restlessness may occur, but, if there is competition in the chosen direction, that will act as a great incentive to push forward and to succeed. In families where there is a child with an Aries Ascendant, these characteristics will emerge at a very early age, especially in competition with siblings. This instinctive “pushiness” can be lessened by encouraging Aries to care for and love other family members and pets.

The Social Environment
Ascendant Ariens can easily adapt to any kind of environment and social circumstance. There is a toughness which contributes to a natural resilience. There is also a strong tendency to be extremely high-key, not in a tense and nervous way, but in a more blustering and forceful way that can be exhausting for other people. It is excellent for Ariens to learn to be calmer and a little more philosophical, because in doing so they will express their natural powerful ability for self‑analysis, without becoming too introspective.

Developing psychological balance in their lives is all-important if a tendency to go to extremes of action, and indeed inaction, is to be resisted. In terms of health, the traditional vulnerabilities listed under the Sun sign are even more relevant. The possibility of headaches can be rooted in slight kidney disorders, and, as there is a tendency to have a somewhat slap‑happy, devil-may-care attitude, there is a considerably increased vulnerability to being accident-prone.

Taurus as Ascendant

Reliability and common sense are as strong with Taurus ascending as when it is the Sun sign, but here the need for security is even more powerful. As the individual progresses in life, he or she becomes more and more attracted to possessions. Those with a Taurus Ascendant will make a special effort to get on the property ladder as soon as possible, seeing a house as the ultimate in physical and material security. Because of a love of creature comforts, Taureans will surround themselves with comfortable, heavy furniture on which to relax after a hard day’s work. Their home displays obvious evidence of ever-increasing success and with it greater security. On occasions when it is necessary to step outside their own domain, the Taurean sense of insecurity can become a problem.

The emotional level is higher than when Taurus is the Sun sign, and the temper can become more explosive, slower to subside and less easily subdued. An element of resentfulness can arise, and a kind of smoldering intensity akin to jealousy, especially if a partner is involved. The vulnerability of the throat is considerably increased when Taurus is rising. Persistent problems may be related to the thyroid gland, which if it is malfunctioning has a direct influence on weight gain and lethargy.

Regular exercise is of above average importance. Young people with Taurus rising who are bulky and strong thrive on heavy team games where strength is an asset. Weight-lifting and boxing often appeal, while some will find that steady walking or working-out on machines at their own pace in a pleasant health club will be more acceptable.

Gemini as Ascendant

Those with Gemini as their Rising sign find it easier to be practical, and to keep their feet on the ground than their Sun sign cousins. While they will be equally lively and versatile, there is a good chance that they will be less superficial, especially when dealing with subjects that interest them. Their ability to study a few chosen subjects in-depth is a considerable asset, and often leads to life-long interests. They have tremendous enthusiasm for whatever they undertake, and are always happy to accept adventurous challenges. It is very much in their nature to question every concept that they come across, and to accept or reject it only after they have reached a satisfactory conclusion.

The Geminian Psyche
It is important that the Rising-sign Geminians are aware that they are more likely to suffer from nervous stress and tension than those who have it as the Sun sign. They may even have to seek professional help if the situation calls for it. Sometimes stress and tension can also exacerbate a vulnerability to asthma. Tackling the source of the tension may prove to be more satisfactory than attempting to cure the asthmatic condition itself.

Rising-sign Geminians are often keen to explore the depths of their personalities. However, they should be careful not to get too involved with the results of this discovery, as it may lead to questioning and re-questioning of their own motivations, only leading to further introspection. They have an independent, freedom loving quality about them, a desire for new experiences and travel – not only in the physical sense of the word, but intellectual, philosophical, and perhaps even occult journeys too. With proper guidance and care, the result is likely to provide satisfaction, a sense of fulfillment, and inner happiness.

Cancer as Ascendant

While the individual’s Sun sign will probably dominate the Cancerian Ascendant, there are many of the same characteristics present as in those with a Cancer Sun sign. When Cancer is rising, the individual – whatever the Sun sign – will get particular pleasure and inner satisfaction from caring for and cherishing those who are close. The motivation to start their own families is very strong and they will work hard and with immense tenacity to see that family life is held together. Sometimes, a rather sterner attitude will emerge to this end, but after any crises the soft, melting quality common to all of this sign will come into its own and amends will be made.

Cancer’s Vulnerabilities
We must remember that in all these situations the desire will be to protect – but this does not show itself as possessiveness. The influence of the cardinal quadruplicity emerges and plants a basic outgoing quality. There will be a great deal of ambition for the partner’s progress in life, and, as a result of a keen desire to move up the ladder, a certain amount of social climbing willgo on, perhaps through the giving of elaborate (home-cooked) dinner parties for the boss and his/her partner. The basic health vulnerability is usually of the digestive system, which will be extremely sensitive and ignited by worry. If a Cancerian gets sick for no apparent reason, the digestion is nearly always at the root of the problem. As the breasts are the Cancerian body area, it is obvious that Cancerian women, like all women, should check them and have regular mammograms.

But it should be emphasized that no one with a Cancer Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign should think that the sign will make them more susceptible to breast cancer – or any other form of the disease – than those of any of the other 11 signs. There is no astrological reason to link the sign to the illness, or research that suggests a connection of any kind.

Leo as Ascendant

A certain well-known English astrologer always used to say ‘‘when Leo rises, the only thing to do is to keep it down’’, which was a considerable confession since it was her Ascendant sign. Everyone who knew anything about astrology was well aware of it working extremely powerfully in her case. In Rising-sign Leos, some very strong characteristics are forcefully expressed, unless the individual’s Sun sign endows them with a certain meek and mild quality, which counters the fiery qualities of Leo. While enthusiasm, optimism, generosity, and a certain amount of creativity is present, the tendency to be dogmatic and pompous is usually pretty much in evidence. In extreme cases, there is even a propensity for these people to assume that they know better than anyone else. It is vital that they become aware of this unlikeable trait.

Material Success
The desire for material success is often stronger than in Sun-sign Leos, although here too we have those who love quality, and for whom only the best and most expensive is good enough. As a result, there is a tendency to ignore any inherent creativity. This is a pity because they could get psychological satisfaction from even the simplest expression of the creative urge. For those who have their Rising-sign characteristics in balance, psychological wholeness and inner security will be combined with a measure of humility. The strength of the sign will be expressed in ways that are beneficial and rewarding to not only the Ascendant Leo but also to others. Attainment of this balance is not always forthcoming, however, and sometimes it is difficult for Rising-sign Leos to learn from their own mistakes. Vanity and the conviction that they really are ‘‘the best’’, and that only they know what is right, can tend to hold them back.

Virgo as Ascendant

When Virgo is the Rising sign, the sign on the Midheaven is quite often Gemini. In such cases, the links between the two signs are considerably strengthened, as is the influence of the individual’s Mercury sign. Here we have a truly “mercurial” person – one who is very talkative and often unable to sit still for long, and whose liveliness is more infectious than that of a Sun-sign Virgo. Rising sign Virgos may become self-critical, sometimes to the point of undermining their confidence – which is not always particularly strong, whether the influence is from the Sun or Ascendant.

The Need for Exercise
We must remember that the nervous energy levels are extremely high when Virgo rises. Taking regular exercise is essential – tough workouts at the gym in the case of youngsters, and brisk walking, preferably in the country, if they are older. Interest in an active sport, such as tennis or netball, will be excellent; it is important to their general wellbeing that they keep moving. The most suitable sport for them is one which makes demands on their mind and intelligence.

While many may tend to underestimate their intellectual potential, and will go no further than becoming expert crossword addicts or getting hooked on “brain teasers”, they are capable of stretching their minds and intellect in all kinds of directions. They should think, for instance, of always attending at least one demanding study course every academic year. The potential for communicating their ideas and opinions is very powerful in them, and there is a strong chance that they will find work in the media. A Virgo’s health is strongly related to the Rising-sign influence, and the traditional Virgo body areas are the stomach and intestines. More often than not, stress or a worrying problem will affect the stomach and result in bouts of diarrhea, constipation, or indigestion. Worrying excessively can also cause a buildup of headaches or migraines. Many individuals of this sign are vegetarians, and were so long before it became as popular as it is today; it particularly suits those with a Virgo Ascendant. We find that many are sensitive to conventional prescription drugs, to which they can be allergic. Homeopathic remedies are often more successful in such cases.

Libra as Ascendant

Libra is not one of the compellingly strong signs of the zodiac, so it must be remembered that a powerful Sun sign will often overshadow some of the Libran characteristics when the sign is Rising. Nevertheless, here will be the same warm charm and need for a harmonious and well-balanced life, band particularly the need to relate in a full partnership. We deal with this all-important sphere of life in some detail below: suffice to say here that the psychological motivation towards partnership is probably at its strongest when Libra is the Rising sign. The influence of the assertive polar sign, Aries, comes into its own in this respect also. There is a real sense of urgency in the search for a partner, and sadly mistakes will be made. One would think that the individual would learn the hard way, but this is not necessarily so, for the drive is very strong and, in most cases, overcomes the otherwise typical Libran indecision, so that the individual often dives prematurely into relationships. At such times there is a tendency to put the self-first, which can be one cause of an equally speedy end to the relationship.

Someone with Libra Rising must be aware of this tendency, which is most uncharacteristic of Sun- or Moon-sign Librans. The Ascendant, or Rising sign, has a strong bearing on the individual’s health. A vulnerability to headaches is marked with this sign. Libra, by tradition, rules the kidneys; therefore, it is advisable for them to see a doctor should headaches persist over any length of time. Libra is a sign that enables one in most cases to deal extremely well with stress or anxiety, so there should be few problems there. If problems do occur, chances are that the Libran is faced with a difficult decision which, even if hope springs eternal, just won’t go away. At such times, those with a strong Libran influence should always confide in a sympathetic friend – in much the same way that their friends confide in them when under stress. The need to talk important problems through is important to all of us, but under Libra one should never bottle up problems. Many with Libra as their Rising sign enjoy demanding and tough sports. They are motivated to use their physical energy in a dynamic and rewarding way, so sports, dance, and physical fitness are more important to them than to those Librans who are laid-back and who actually dislike exercise.

Scorpio as Ascendant

When Scorpio rises, it casts its influence on the entire birth chart. It energizes the individual’s Sun sign and increases his or her emotional level, which, in most cases, is an asset. But, in the case of ‘‘cool’’ Sun signs – say Virgo, Capricorn, or Aquarius – there may be a conflict between expressing emotions and adopting a rational and logical approach. Scorpio will, however, add an element of get-up-and-go that will be especially valuable if it is in sync with other indications in the chart. Rising-sign Scorpios are particularly keen to ‘‘know themselves’’. In this pursuit, many even go through psychoanalysis in order to ‘‘get themselves sorted’’. Their intention of untangling real or imagined complications in their lives is commendable, provided it does not turn into an obsession.

The Physical Being
The traditional Scorpio body areas is the genitals. It is probably due to this fact that Scorpio has acquired a reputation for being obsessed with sex. Be that as it may, the body area ruled by the Ascendant (and to a certain extent the Sun sign) is always vulnerable, so it is advisable that those who are sexually active do not take the risk of indulging in unprotected sex with new or casual partners. Women should get regular smear tests done, while men should regularly examine themselves for any signs of testicular cancer. We cannot stress too strongly the need for regular and demanding exercise – water sports, heavy team games, or martial arts are especially suitable. Physical energy must be properly used, if the typical penchant for rich food and good wine is not to lead to a dramatic increase in Scorpio’s girth.

Sagittarius as Ascendant

The need for challenge is increased in the case of those who have Sagittarius as their Rising sign. These individuals have the ability to exploit the potential of their Sun sign to the fullest, provided they control their enthusiasm, which can get out of hand all too easily. If they have been encouraged to be self-confident during their upbringing, they will constantly be able to move forward and achieve their desired ambitions. As with the Sun-sign Sagittarians, these individuals have considerable versatility. If this is under control, it can be a great asset which will enliven their outlook, and will be expressed through a lifestyle that is full of varied interests and commitments. It may also encourage fairly dramatic changes in their career or profession. While their involvement in a project is often total for as long as it lasts, once it is over, Rising-sign Sagittarians are keen and enthusiastic to take up the next challenge. Rising-sign Sagittarians are very eager to learn more about themselves and about factors that motivate them. They are able to look at their personalities objectively, but by no means obsessively. Their natural breadth of vision will set them on a journey which will take them beyond the confines of their own personality, and lead them to a greater understanding of human nature in general.

The Downside
It is when they have little or nothing to challenge them that their ebullient personality begins to slump, and Rising sign Sagittarians become depressed and restless. However, when they hit a low, they do not sit around idle for very long. If out of work, they will do everything possible to find a job. If their depression is due to the end of a relationship, they will soon go out ‘‘hunting’’ for a new partner. Even if they do not find someone interesting, hope will spring eternal, and they will force themselves to enjoy life.

Capricorn as Ascendant

At times, those with a Capricorn Ascendant will be extremely self-confident; at other times, they will find it very difficult to be assertive at all. They certainly have what it takes to make their mark and attain success, but their wavering attitude will seriously hold them back, especially when they are faced with important interviews or examinations. As a result, frustration builds up when they realize that they have made a mistake, or did not succeed in making the right impression. When they seek astrological help, the consultant will need to carefully examine other areas of their birth chart to help them come to terms with this tendency to be indecisive.

Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, has a lot to answer for in this respect. Its influence is all too often found in an inner voice which inflicts a series of “put-downs”. Individuals will tell themselves not to be so silly as to contemplate this or that difficult task; they continue to underestimate themselves, and their achievements, talent, and general ability. If, by chance, the subject had very strict parents or teachers, the tendency will be even more marked. Rising-sign Capricorns must learn to readily accept praise and compliments, and believe that those who bestow them are being sincere, and are not exaggerating.

Mind and Body
Rising-sign Capricorns will share the sense of humor of the Sun-sign people and, in addition, will be somewhat more practical and commonsensical. Many with Capricorn Rising will also more sensitive, and have a delightfully caring quality which will be freely expressed from time to time. The traditional Capricorn body areas – the knees and shins – are vulnerable, and in addition, this group will be rather prone to worry, which can have a negative effect on their digestion. Their skin and teeth are sensitive, so regular dental check-ups and a powerful sunscreen are of above average importance. Physical activity out and away from the daily round are vital; far too many will remain tied to their office computers when they have a great love of sweeping landscapes, mountains, and fresh air. While so many of these individuals aim for material progress, they should also realize that involvement with some form of spiritual development acts as a wonderful balance and will contribute a degree of inner calm, which is often lacking in them. They will probably benefit from yoga; its physical exercises will help to keep Capricorn joints in good condition.

Aquarius as Ascendant

Many of the qualities listed above will definitely apply to those with Aquarius as their Rising sign. Here is the same independent spirit, the need to be individual and live life the way one wants. However, the difference between independence and isolation must be recognized, and the way this group comes to terms with it will very much depend on their respective Sun and Moon signs. The emphasis on an outgoing fire sign, or the other air signs, will help enormously, while the water and earth signs may in some cases cause a certain conflict between doing one’s own independent thing and becoming lonely and isolated.

Here are people keen to understand themselves, but who at times find it difficult to accept their failings. When they do learn to recognize their faults, it will be a good thing and they will be well on the way to psychological wholeness. Aquarian friendliness is much in evidence, and these people will give help freely too. But when thanks given in return, they should accept it gladly and in a gracious manner, rather than retreating behind a cool and distant facade. When Aquarius rises and the question of commitment to a partnership is voiced, be it emotional or more practical (say, at work), they will realize that they have to make certain sacrifices to their all-important independence. This will provoke a real inner battle, and a compromise will be freely accepted only when they totally respect the other person involved and know that in some way the respect is reciprocated. Attempting to get the better of the other person may well be a temptation, but people with this Aquarian influence must really realize that they are not at their best when appearing aloof, stubborn, or even vain.

Health Implications
While the traditional indications concerning health apply in general, whether the Aquarius influence is from Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, they seem to be at their most potent when Aquarius rises. Most of these individuals prefer cold rather than hot weather, but even so, their circulatory system is extremely vulnerable. They need to keep warm and move fast, which will be good for their heart. It is equally important that they watch their cholesterol level to prevent the arteries from getting clogged. The ankles are the traditional Aquarian body area, and many suffer from broken or turned ankles, especially when they are skiing. Most importantly, women wearing fashionable high heels need to be constantly careful.

Pisces as Ascendant

Perhaps the most important failing of Rising-sign Pisceans is the fact that they tend to undervalue themselves. They will brush off praise for their efforts, since they are sure that they are unable to cope, and lack the necessary ability or experience to do what is asked of them. In reality, they are often extremely talented people who are quite capable of putting their rivals in the shade. This self-critical attitude is a direct influence of their polar sign, Virgo, which has the reputation of being the most critical sign in the zodiac. Sun-sign Pisceans, when asked if they really want to know themselves and their true motivation, usually say they doubt it. With Rising-sign Pisceans this tendency is even stronger. However, once they have gone through a certain amount of self-analysis, much confusion and doubt about themselves will be resolved. Consequently, being stronger in self-knowledge, they will be able to express their varied talents more positively. Those with Pisces Rising are very much prone to anxiety. Of course, it is fruitless to tell someone simply to “stop worrying”, but if they can use their intuition and couple it with some logical thinking, they may well get their concern into a more rational perspective. This will not be easy, but is well worth the effort.

Sensitive Feet
The traditional Piscean body area, the feet, shows vulnerability. Although this is likely whether the influence is that of the Sun, Ascendant, or Moon, it is at its most potent when Pisces is the Rising sign. Those for whom this sign is emphasized will either have a lot of trouble with their feet, or, if fortunate, have beautiful and trouble-free feet. With women in particular, such difficulties are often due to their fascination with beautiful and fashionable shoes. That is all very well, but probably sooner or later, they will find that they have to wear simple flats instead of the glamorous footwear that they desire. However, if they ration the length of time when they wear high heels, they can avoid a lot of damage. Interestingly, the eminent British astrologer John Addey observed that people who stand with their feet crossed, imitating the look of a fish’s tail, tend to be Pisceans.

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Source: Parker, Julia and Derek – Eyewitness Companions Astrology

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