What you need to do, before asking time-related question?

How to ask time-related Question

When will he call me?

Will she reply to my message on WhatsApp today?

Will I find this year someone new with whome I will be intimate with?

When will I get the job?

These are just a few of many time-related questions that my clients usually ask me. But to be honest, giving time-related answers can be extremely tricky. How so?

Sometimes a particular card (Lenormand or Tarot) can show us days, sometimes weeks, sometimes even years! But how to determine, which time-frame a particular card shows us?

For a year I made notes of only time-related readings for over 100 people and then I compared my notes. I have found out that there is ONE CRUCIAL thing that any reader should be aware of in order to predict the timing right.

This one crucial thing are the circumstances in which the question is asked. Namely, it all depends on the context.

I recall, in January, for example, a client of mine – let’s name her Sarah – asked me if I could tell her, when she can expect a particular reply from her boss. Since I did a previous reading for Sarah as well, I knew that she had sent an important message to her boss and needed his answer ASAP. I shuffled my cards and pulled Scythe and Stork.

Scythe is usually all about ten (ten days, ten weeks, October etc.), while Stork can denote seventeen or time of a season change (spring, summer etc.).

If I had not known Sarah’s story behind her time-related question, I most likely would have said “in ten to seventeen days”. But knowing the background story I knew that this could not be the case. I looked at cards and I immediately noticed that both cards were very active and indicated a fast movement. Knowing her story, I assumed that her boss would reply to her either between 10am and 5pm (which is 1700 in military time) or in the next 10 to 17 hours.

Sarah called me the next day and told me that her boss sent her his reply at 10:17 am. I was astonished.

Not only that cards were showing hours in this case, they were actually showing the minutes as well! It was crazy. I must admit, sometimes Lenormand cards are just amazingly literal.

This is just one of many examples where knowing the circumstances helped me to get a very precise time-related answer for my client.

My advice to all who request a time-related reading is very simple. Don’t be afraid to tell the background story to your reader before you ask your time-related question. It will surely help your reader to give you the most precise answer possible.

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