My boyfriend cheated on me! What should I do?

The boyfriend cheated on her, and she made a decision. This is a perfect example of how destiny works if we let it and are willing to make our own decisions!

My Boyfriend cheated on me. What should I do? - Tarot and Lenormand reading

Back in December 2015 close friend of mine (let’s call her Kate) went through a painful experience. Her boyfriend (let’s call him Sam) of 4 years cheated on her with a girl from his neighborhood. As Kate came to me, she was devastated. “How could he do something like that to us? And why?! We were together for four years, and never once I neglected him. Never once! Because I love him! Did I waste four years of my life for him? Was it all for nothing?!” she kept asking me in tears. Her voice was shaking.

I remember that I didn’t say much to her. I sat there and listen to her. Once she calmed down, I shuffled my cards and started with a reading. Cards showed another woman in the play, his emotions towards her and Kate, his indecisiveness, the other woman’s possessiveness, and so on. I did almost an hour of reading for her before we did “the final reading.”

Please, tell me… What should I do?” she asked (almost begging) me.

I shuffled cards twice. First time for her future with Sam and the second time for her future without Sam.

Spread for Sam
Boyfriend cheated - Lenormand reading

Spread for her love life if she breaks up with Sam
Boyfriend cheated - Lenormand reading

I can’t tell you that, Kate. It is you, who will have to make a decision and live with it,” I replied. I could only tell her what cards were showing me. “I can only tell you only facts that cards are pointing out, and these are:

  • Sam still loves you and will always choose you over any other woman.
  • Kyla (the other woman) tricked him into sex that night, but he is really sorry.
  • If you stay with Sam, he will be faithful to you, but it is on you if you are willing to forgive him and live with him despite his intimate relationship with Kyla.
  • If you can’t live with the idea that he once cheated on you, you should leave him.
  • If you leave him, you will have a hard emotional healing time for around two or three months. But in the next ten months, you should meet somebody new and begin a relationship with him. A very kind and loving relationship with him is indicated if this happens.

Now you know. But neither I nor anyone else can tell you what to do. It is your life, your decisions,” I said at the end.

Kate and I are very good friends, but she couldn’t understand the words I was saying to her that day. She left my apartment in tears that Wednesday and was sure I wouldn’t want to help her make a decision. For about a week, we didn’t speak. She didn’t call me, and I didn’t want to impose on her.

About a week after, it was Friday, she finally called me. “I did it… *silence for 3 seconds* I left Sam,” she said. “The idea of him being with another woman would have haunted me for the rest of my life. I lost trust in him. I could never see him again as I did before, you know….”

You did right,” I said in a calm way. Our conversation about Sam ended there, and after that, she really tried to forget him and had a really hard time doing this.

We talked a lot in the past months, mostly about the meaning of living, how important it is to cherish every day, and the people in our lives. After the accident, she visited me regularly in a hospital and rehab center, making my recovery days much easier.

Boyfriend cheated - Now she is happy with other man

But this year, early in September, she called me one night and sounded very excited. “You won’t believe what happened today!” she said over the phone. That day she met someone, and it felt like an instant connection. “Do you remember what you told me last year before I broke up with Sam?!!” I remembered – cards showed a new man entering her life in the next ten months, and it finally happened! In the past few days, she went out three times with this guy, and it sure seems like an amazing relationship is about to happen. I already shuffled cards for her. 😉

So here it is, my dearest, the point of the whole thing.

In December, Kate had no idea how to continue her life after Sam cheated. She wanted me to tell her what to do. Wrong!

When you are in doubt, you can ASK FOR HELP OR GUIDANCE. But you should NEVER ask for someone to tell you what to do. It is your life, your decisions, and you have to decide which way your life will go!

If you are in similar doubts as Kate, then remember – ask people for guidance and help, but never ask them to tell you what to do. If you cannot make a decision right now, take time and go within yourself. Think about what you want, what you can handle, what an absolute “NO GO” is for you, and what things you are ready to negotiate.

Remember, the answers to all your questions are already within yourself, but it takes time and effort before they are revealed to you!

Are you in doubt? Do you need clarification? Don’t be afraid to ask!


Thank you so much for your immense support!

Loves & Hugs, Rebecca

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