Venus Sign: THIS is WHY you two broke up!

Did you two break up? It is no secret, that the sign of your Venus in your natal chart tells A LOT about what you find attractive in your partner, what your emotional needs are, and what is an absolute deal breaker for you in a relationship. Check out, why you and your partner split.

Why did you two break up? Let your Venus tell you!

Hence, Venus sign can tell you either what to do to keep your partner interested in you OR – and this is what this article is all about – what you can do to make them break up with you in this very minute!

Following article’s focus is put on what you have to do, if you want your partner to break up with you.

If your partner’s Venus is in Aries

Put your partner in the power struggle mode by letting them know that you are the one who will control the relationship. No, you do not require declaring it. Just show it in your action. How? Do not listen to them. Instead enforce your favorite things onto them. Additionally, stay indoor and lazy all the time. Such things will totally suffocate your Venus in Aries lover and thus, they will go out to seek someone else.

If your partner’s Venus is in Taurus

Start a drama every now and then, if you want your partner to break up with you. Also tell your Venus in Taurus lover that you want them to stay committed no matter what. Make sure that you emphasize it. The thing is that Venus in Taurus thinks twice before committing to someone who argues a lot. So doing it will make them end the relationship easily.

If your partner’s Venus is in Gemini

Do not be inconsistent and unpredictable. Be very calm in the relationship and do not show interest in going out for an adventure. Stop keeping news about what is happening around the world. Such things will instantly make your Venus in Gemini partner lose interest in you.

If your partner’s Venus is in Cancer

Tell them that you do not like their mother and that it would be better for the two of you to stay away from their family. Meanwhile, get very submissive. A Venus in Cancer person usually needs their partner to control the relationship. If they do not see it coming they might continue to stay.

If your partner’s Venus is in Leo

Stop giving them attention. Tell them that they are not beautiful enough. From time to time, your Venus in Leo might have told you how much the opposite sex craves for them. Next time when they mention it to you simply look disinterested. Let them hear the music of the crickets instead! Lastly, stop giving them sex. All this will not break the heart of your partner, but will find it hard to love you at all. Thus, they will end it all without any problem.

If your partner’s Venus is in Virgo

Show them that you are flirty with the opposite sex. Stop washing your clothes. Do not brush your hair. Stay unclean. Hold their hand in public and try to go for public display of affection. If they criticize you let them know that you are not going to change yourself for them. And soon you will become history in their life.

If your partner’s Venus is in Libra

Get very superficial. Stop paying on dates. Just be as frugal as possible. Tell them you ran out of money and that you really have no wish to make a bigger amount in the future. And even if you do have an ambition to do it never mention it to your Venus in Libra partner. In other words, do not make a display of your property and bank balance to them. Instead force them to buy you things. All this will not be taken lightly by the Venus in Libra lover. So they will put an end to the relationship.

If your partner’s Venus is in Scorpio

No more of sexual talks with them. Be talkative. Let them know where you go. Show them that you are just another one from the crowd and that what you do is open secret. The Venus in Scorpio partner likes their lover to be surrounded with mystery. So you need to make sure that you are the opposite. This is going to look annoying for them. So they will not stay in relationship with you anymore.

Why did you two break up?

If your partner’s Venus is in Sagittarius

When they come to see you let them know that you will not go anywhere. Also stop having fun dates with them. Do not laugh at their jokes. Show a dislike for entertainment. Just stop viewing television or going to movies. Be a boring intellectual person. Just read biographies of political people in front of them. This will get your Venus in Sagittarius lover break up with you within a few days.

If your partner’s Venus is in Capricorn

Show them that you spend money like crazy and that you are totally confused about your future. Also forget about etiquette and whine continuously about how pathetic and miserable your life is. These are the ultimate things that will compel your Venus in Capricorn lover to get away from you as soon as possible. Why? Because Venus in Capricorn people prefer partners who care about saving money, reputation and building a future. But they cannot take constant whining.

If your partner’s Venus is in Aquarius

Get as romantic as possible towards them. Do not even think about making space. Hug and kiss them every now and then. Be very predictable. In fact, try coming up with a time table for everything you do. Its result will be your Venus in Aquarius partner falling out of love due to boredom and running towards the opposite direction.

If your partner’s Venus is in Pisces

This is very easy. Apparently, Venus in Pisces is a follower. So whatever you will do will be followed by your partner. But you really have to make sure that the things you do change into a habit in your relationship. Now do this, stop communicating with them every day and even if you do talk to them show no affection in your voice. Let them see that you are no more serious about the relationship. Here your goal is to prove to them that you have lost interest in them. This will soon be picked up by your partner and thus your relationship with them will end.

However, if you believe that you and your partner are meant to be, you can check this based on your and your partner’s Juno.

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Loves & Hugs, Rebecca

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