Chiron – where do you need healing?

Chiron was discovered on 1 November 1977. He is not a planet, but it can reveal a lot about your personality and the area of your life where you need to put extra attention.

Chiron – where do you need healing?

Chiron is often described as ‘self-healing’ indicator. It will show you, to which area of your life you will have to put most attention for your personal growth. Its position can also denote where you could do well as a teacher to other people.

In research it was discovered that Chiron tends to “highlight” and “invigorate” the characteristics of the sign in which it falls.

Chiron in…


Considerable hastiness and enthusiasm is present, as is a desire to discover new challenging projects to burn up energy. Accident-proneness is likely, and little notice will be taken of cuts and burns, which will be left to heal alone.


The need for financial security is high: these individuals will not be totally happy until they attain this state. They have to guard against possessiveness towards partners, which otherwise will cause psychological difficulties that will be difficult to heal.


This placing gives mental ability and often a brilliant mind which will be logical, skeptical, and constantly questioning. There is a natural urge to bring about changes of opinion regarding man’s cruelty and a desire for a more humanitarian attitude.


Belonging to a family is important, and the cherishing attributes of Cancer will blossom when these individuals settle and have their own children. But belonging to a larger universal family is also important – a church or some society, for instance.


Here Chiron will bestow elements of Leo sunniness, and these individuals will attract attention. Sometimes the negative side of the planet’s influences occurs, and they will tend to complain – about their parents, lack of education, and lack of cash.


These people are very hard and compulsive workers who are sticklers for regular routine and always strive for perfection. They are vulnerable to considerable stress and must always counter it by practicing a relaxing discipline such as yoga.


Resentfulness is common, and these individuals should avoid saying, “if only…” and make an effort to put the past behind them. There is need for them to develop a sympathetic rapport with partners and to counter occasional selfishness.


This brings a clear-cut attitude to life. Everything is black or white. Here is decisiveness, but also extremes of moodiness which may cover doubts and inadequacies. There is considerable competitiveness and often a flair for business.


Here the influence of Chiron and Sagittarius complement each other. The aphorism that “the grass is always greener over the hedge” is very relevant as these individuals seem always to be searching to find the right direction in life.


This adds reliability, and these people seem to have the happy gift of making other people feel confident. There is an above average need for financial security and material success, which can become over important to them.


Chiron here helps individuals to cope with serious illnesses. Their attitude towards it is positive and they will remark, “Well, I have been ill but I’m better now” – even if they are not. Aquarian resistance to a committed partnership is often present.


This is a marvelous placing for those who enjoy studying – they are often “eternal students”, with the more practical elements of life being much neglected. Here too is creative potential, especially for decorative design and clever use of color.

Do you know where your Chiron is? Do you know how it affects your life?

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