06 – Clouds

Lenormand Card Meaning - 06 Clouds Card

General description: The Clouds card brings uncertain air with it. When reading the Clouds card, look at surrounding cards – they will tell you, where troubles or misunderstanding is. The Clouds card brings situations that are unpredictable.

Lenormand Card Meaning 06 Clouds Card

For quick interpretation use: doubt, trouble, no clarity

General future: problems ahead; bad weather; the outcome is unclear

Work: troubled or unclear situation

Love: stormy relationship

Time: six days, weeks, June

Advice: Clear your mind, and focus!

Clouds in combination with…

rider (1): message brings clarity; the message is hidden; need to read between the lines
clover (2): possible disappointment; luck is uncertain
ship (3): travel is uncertain
house (4): uncomfortable home; uncertain house
tree (5): mental illness; alcoholism
snake (7): woman has complications; serious problems
coffin (8): something will come to light, will change
bouquet (9): happiness is uncertain
scythe (10): problems with surgery; confusion
whip (11): harassment; threats; abuse
birds (12): lying; annoying phone call
child (13): problems with a child; a new start is problematic
fox (14): lies; corruption; misinterpretation
bear (15): problems with someone who is in charge (boss, mother…)
stars (16): procrastinating, laziness
stork (17): a change is either uncertain or quite risky
dog (18): unreliable friend, friendship; disloyalty
tower (19): authority problems
garden (20): uncomfortable appearance in public; drunk
mountain (21): failure; obstacles
crossroad (22): indecision
mice (23): doubts; the situation will improve soon
heart (24): lovesick; heartache
ring (25): relationship problems; contact problems
book (26): hiding; secrets
letter (27): confusing message; problems with delivering a message
man (28): unstable man; two man
woman (29): deceptive woman; a woman with a headache
lily (30): an affair; unsatisfied sexual life
sun (31): improvement of a current situation
moon (32): depression; mood swings; hormonal imbalance
key (33): success will come but will be delayed
fish (34): uncertain finances; debt
anchor (35): uncertain goals
cross (36): stress; hopeless

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