02 – Clover

Lenormand Card Meaning - 02 Clover Card

General description: The Clover Card is generally a positive card, but be aware when negative cards appear next to it; usually this denotes the return of troubles that previously were either not seen or diminished. When the opposite is the case (when The Clover Card follows after negative cards), this could denote that either sorrow will end or troubles will be short-lived. The Clover Card often wants us to take a leap of faith.

Lenormand Card Meaning 02 Clover Card

For quick interpretation use: hope, luck, chance, and opportunity.

General future: an opportunity will come your way; a winning situation; a lucky surprise; happiness that is short-lived.

Work: a great opportunity; a promotion; a favorable outcome.

Love: a fling; a happy relationship; a second chance; reconciliation.

Time: something will happen in a (or will last) short time; two days; February.

Advice: Stay positive and have faith!

Clover in combination with…

rider (1): positive news will come; lucky young man; happy visitor
ship (3): lucky trip; possibility to travel; positive change will (slowly, but surely) come
house (4): happy, joyful family; prosperous home
tree (5): health will improve; recovery from illness will happen
clouds (6): deception; luck is uncertain; fleeting luck
snake (7): something looks better than it  is; a woman wants to take an opportunity; a lucky woman
coffin (8): luck ends; something is risky
bouquet (9): happiness; positive outcome; a beautiful gift
scythe (10): sudden luck; taking a risk
whip (11): win; one night stand; powerful argument brings win
birds (12): positive discussions; good correspondence
child (13): promising new start; happy child; new beginning will happen
fox (14): things aren’t as good as they seem; job opportunity
bear (15): profit, (unexpected) financial profit
stars (16): success; unexpected recognition (fame)
stork (17): positive or successful change; improvements,
dog (18): helpful friend; positive friendship
tower (19): success with authorities; casino
garden (20): having fun at a public event; success with your network
mountain (21): blocked luck; disturbed luck
crossroad (22): lucky decision or opportunity; multiple good opportunities
mice (23): luck ends
heart (24): luck in love; positive relationship
ring (25): lucky contract; good or successful relationship
book (26): discovery; what you have been looking for, will be found
letter (27): the lucky news; lottery ticket
man (28): a man has luck; man is optimistic
woman (29): a woman has luck; a woman is optimistic
lily (30): luck will (slowly, but surely) come; business success
sun (31): lucky break; huge success will happen (suddenly)
moon (32): lucky romance; positive recognition; a successful outcome
key (33): destined luck; extremely lucky; luck is for sure on your way
fish (34): financial success/gain; luck with the business
anchor (35): long-term success; the positive opportunity will give you stability
cross (36): positive ending; the opportunity will bring a burden on your shoulder

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