Clover and a relationship reading

Clover card in Lenormand can indicate both; a long-lasting relationship and a sweet, yet short affair.

Lenormand Clover and a relationship reading

About a year ago I did a reading for a friend; let’s call her Sally, who just met this perfect guy; let him be Jack. She was head over heels for him. When I met him, it looked like they could be a perfect match, I won’t lie; they really were a very lovely, and caring couple.

After about two months of their relationship, I and Sally had lunch together. We talked about her and Jack and after a while, she asked me, if I could read cards for her. She wanted to know how her relationship with Jack will evolve. I wasn’t quite sure if that was a good idea. However, I still did the reading.

My question was, how Sally’s and Jack’s relationship will evolve in the next six months. I got CLOVERHEARTCOFFIN.

Lenormand Clover and a relationship reading

The answer was clear: luck in love will end, and the affair will be over.

I didn’t want to tell her, so I told her that I need to shuffle the cards again since there was still energy from the previous reading in the cards.

I pulled cards again. FISHCLOVERMICE.

Lenormand Clover and a relationship reading

Again: the relationship was a lot of fun and the feeling of destiny was present, however, it will end and will bring sorrow with it.

I hesitated, but I still told Sally what cards are pointing out. She wasn’t upset that much at the time and soon we forgot this reading.

After six months emotions shifted

After six months of their relationship, Sally called me one day in tears. For the past few days, Jack was a bit distant and on the day when she called me, she heard him talking and being all flirty with another woman. She froze and didn’t know what to do so she called me. I shuffled cards and got CLOVERCOFFINSNAKE.

When I saw CLOVER, I remembered immediately on previous two readings and it was pretty clear to me what was going on. With my client or any other person, I would hesitate a bit before telling straight facts, but with my friend, I simply couldn’t. I told her that Jack is (or will be very soon) cheating on her with another woman. Sally simply couldn’t believe it. She asked me to shuffle cards again – the result was no different.

After four days Jack ended the relationship. Sally was crushed. She cried and all I could do is to be there and offered her my shoulder to cry on. I knew – she needs to cry this out.


From what I have experienced so far when it comes to love and relationship, CLOVER can be quite a tricky card. I have seen it indicating both; a long-lasting relationship and a sweet, yet short affair. With CLOVER is always extremely important to take extra attention to other cards in a spread.

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Loves & Hugs, Rebecca


Nicole June 17, 2023 - 11:01 am

I doubt that the clover is the tricky card, I would say rather in combination with the coffin and the mice would lead to a break up relationship. I had clover as being very lucky to have met someone, like it was fate that brought them together.

Astrology and Tarot / Lenormand readings by Rebecca
Rebecca June 21, 2023 - 7:36 am

Thank you so much for your input, Nicole! <3

Yes, the Clover in combo with the Mice and the Coffin leads toward break up.

However, in my readings so far clover has never been associated with fate (unless followed by a very positive card such as e.i. the Key), but always with something that either lasts for just a while or something that brings you luck and happiness, but you must take a leap of faith. Hence, this is why I believe that for inexperienced readers the Clover card can sometimes be a tricky one. One must really know the meanings of cards surrounding the Clover in order to fully understand its meaning in the reading.


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