My first Tarot experience

Do you remember your first tarot experience? I remember mine as if it happened yesterday!

My First Tarot Experience - Tarot Readings
When I was 10 years old, one day, my mother came home from work. She was upset; I could feel it. I held her hand and asked her: “Mummy, why are you sad?

She answered: “I am not upset, darling. I am just really tired.

I knew something wasn’t right, so I hugged her without saying a word.

Years later, when I was already at the final stages of my educational process, I had a very emotional conversation with my mother about my plans for the future, and somehow, out of nowhere, this event from years back crossed my mind.

Mum, why were you so upset that day when you came from work years ago? Do you remember?”

She remembered. She remembered because it wasn’t her being really tired that made her so upset. “I don’t know if you already noticed it at such a young age, but I and your dad had some problems at that time. And that day, on my way home, I visited a woman that my friend recommended to me. She read tarot cards. And she told me that between me and your dad, most likely, everything will be over soon. We are going to divorce because he has no more feelings for me, and this most likely won’t change...”

I remembered then – it really was less than a year later from that day when my parents got divorced. My mum was crushed at that time, but she knew what was coming, and she prepared herself better for her Faith to come.

The tarot experience is amazing.

I always believed that there is more than just the world we see. I still believe.

There is something above us – you may call it God, Universe, Faith… whatever you want. I called it God.

Tarot cards are an amazing tool given by God. Cards can help you to see a current situation from the emotional, spiritual, and practical side and can give you much-needed information about what is about to come or what it is needed to be done in order to reach your goal.

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