HIATUS explained+ FREE reading: I survived a car crash!

FREE READING: I surrvived car crash!

This year in very beginning of March I had a horrific car accident in a snow storm that happened in our country totally unpredictably. The other driver was driving way, waaay too fast, lost control over his car and hit my car and me. He and his co-driver died instantly in this accident, the third person in his car died in a hospital two days after the accident… I ended up in a hospital for five months with first month and a half being in a coma! I had horrible injuries and four surgeries were needed. After I finally woke up, I wasn’t able to speak for few days and to walk for almost three months, I had terrible (head)aches and constant nightmares about the accident… My mother told me that the rescue team said to her that I was saved by an angel, because a huge part of a metal from the car missed me and my cheast for only about few inches. If it wouldn’t… Well, let’s just say that every single day I am truly thankful to God and my guardian angel for this rescue.

Few days ago I finally got back home from hospital, from rehabilitation centre. In these days I am slowly, really slowly, trying to put my life back on a track. I am temporarily on a wheel chair since walking makes me tired really quickly, I still have  dozen of pills per day to take because of aches but with each day it gets a bit better. But still, even after all this health issues, I have never before in my life been so inspired to go on with my life, to give my life a meaning. And also to continue the one project that really keeps me going right now – Amazing-Astrology.com. My brother has already started to help me a lot with this website and my very own online shop in last few days and will help me to make it even bigger – thank you, God, for him!

You know, moments like these get you realise how little you are in this world and that the essence of your life is to be grateful for what you have. And I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart to have people around me who support me and stand beside me in a moments like these.

This part of a message is for all of you who ordered a reading via my site in late February or early in March. I don’t have access to my previous emails accounts yet (I misplaced passwords somewhere and it might take a while before I find it) so I would kindly ask ALL of you who ORDERED a reading from me or got in contact with me, to contact me again. This time on my personal server – for readings is reading@amazing-astrology.com and for personal emails (if you only want to get in touch with me or give me your feedback) write me on rebecca@amazing-astrology.com. For general information I am available at info@amazing-astrology.com. But since I do have to answer to at least 100 of you, I am kindly asking you for a little patience. I am not a quick responder in these days. 🙂

Right now I feel strong need to give away one FREE READING. For you. Why? Maybe because I feel so grateful for being alive, for having your massive support, maybe because I need to give my life a meaning right now… I really don’t know. The need is just simply there.

So if you need a free reading, if you have been dealing with personal issues for a while now and didn’t get much chance to get a free reading, you are most welcome. Fill the form below and in a few days (on August 17th) I will pick someone of you.

Again, thank you all for you love, patience and for simply being a kind and loving people around me!

Spread love, have faith. God bless you.


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