04 – House

General description: Usually the House card represents either a house or a family, family environment. In the case of feelings, the House card represents stability, something that is in good shape. But, when negative cards are following, instability could be shown with the House card. In some cases, House could also be a sign of a dynasty or the patriarch.

Lenormand Card Meaning 04 House Card

For quick interpretation use: family, real estate, residence

General future: feeling comfortable; sitting down; security in certain parts of your life is about to come

Work: project with no risks, home office or work from home, comfortable office

Love: setting down, starting a family, securing relationship

Time: slowly, four days, weeks, or months, in April, the 4th of the month

Advice: stay in your base; a need for foundation

House in combination with…

rider (1): news about a home or house; a visitor to your house; someone, who lives with you
clover (2): an opportunity for a new house or a family; lucky home; luck at home
ship (3): journey (back) home, changing of residence
tree (5): house needs repairs; a house near (or on) a tree
clouds (6): problems might arise at home; uncertainty about a house
snake (7): deceiving at home; the house needs some sort of repair
coffin (8): death in a family; selling your home; house gets empty
bouquet (9): beautiful house; house with flowers; party in a house; happy house
scythe (10): separation from/in a house
whip (11): violence or arguments at home
birds (12): a growing number of people in a house (new visitors, guests…); discussions about home
child (13): new home; new house; small house; a family or a house with a child or children
fox (14): business at or from a home; deceiving about buying a house
bear (15): expending or buying a house; investment into new real estate
stars (16): dream house
stork (17): change of a residence; re-decorating of a house
dog (18): neighbors; pet; roommate
tower (19): a big house; large company
garden (20): house with a garden; public house; hotel
mountain (21): blocks/troubles with purchasing a house; house in a mountain
crossroad (22): two houses; a choice about a house; decision regarding house or dome
mice (23): stressful home life; loss of a house
heart (24): lovely house; loving family
ring (25): real estate contract; leasing
book (26): library; home office; secretive home life; secret in a family; unknown house
letter (27): a message about a house or a family
man (28): stable man; a man with a house; a family man
woman (29): stable woman; woman with a house; family woman; housewife
lily (30): peaceful home or house; rest at home; old house
sun (31): successful family; success at home; happiness in a family; vacation house
moon (32): popular house; dream house
key (33): new house; a key to a house
fish (34): business at home; home near water; financial success at home
anchor (35): commitment to a family; long-term stable family or home
cross (36): memorial; church; worship place

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