How to read Tarot cards – step by step guide

It takes some practice and your awaken intuition.

“How to read tarot cards?” This simple question haunts many who would like to try reading Tarot cards but lack the confidence to start.

How to read Tarot cards - step by step guide

Have you ever entertained the idea of reading Tarot cards yourself but don’t know how to read Tarot cards?

I still think that for many people, it is better they choose a professional Tarot reader if they are beginners and want to ask questions about themselves. Namely, it can be hard (at least for a beginner) to emotionally detach from their “emotionally charged” question in order to get an objective answer.

Here are six simple steps for you to follow if you still hesitate on how to read tarot cards.

1. Choose the right question!

I cannot emphasize how important it is to form your question correctly. Think well through before forming your question. What is it that you REALLY want to know? While doing so, try to avoid words such as “ever. Don’t ask: “Will I ever get married?” but rather ask, “What should I do to meet the person I will marry?” Also, avoid yes/no questions. Instead of asking: “Will I win the lottery?” ask rather: “What should I do to win the lottery?” Additionally, focus on you and your feelings when you form a question. Don’t ask: “Does he love me?” Instead, ask: “What should I do to attract the man I love?

How to read Tarot cards - Choose the right question!

2. Keep your question in mind and shuffle questions

Reading cards is all about energy. Keep your question in mind while you are shuffling the cards. Think about what you want to know, what are your fears surrounding the question, etc. Once you feel like you are done, stop shuffling and (still with your question in mind) pick cards.

If you are a beginner, start by choosing The One Card spread. Once you feel comfortable with this spread, go on and try The Three Card spread. When you are completely confident about your Tarot reading skills, then pick The Celtic Cross.

3. Decide on the meaning of cards

You have pulled the card (or cards); now what? Don’t rush into reaching a Tarot book or on the internet to look up the meaning of each card. Firstly, take a good look at your card(s). What do you see on it? How do you feel about it? What kind of feelings and vibrations does this card give you? Write it down. Once you have done that, you may look for additional meanings of the card in books or online.

How to read Tarot cards - Write down your thoughts

4. Meditate on your answer

When you get your answer, don’t fully stick to it. Let it sink deep into your mind. Sometimes it is even helpful if you sleep on it. Maybe tomorrow, you will understand better what cards are trying to say to you than today. Don’t rush; allow cards’ energies to sink deep into your subconscious mind, and you will get an even clearer insight into your answer.

5. Have a ritual before reading cards

Try to have a kind of ritual every time before you start shuffling your cards. Some readers meditate, listen to relaxing music, and some even drink a lot of water before they start reading. You have to choose the ritual that suits you the most, the one that truly relaxes your body and mind. If you want to know what I do before I start reading for my clients – here is it.

6. Pick a deck that speaks to you

Online and in stores, there are different tarot decks that you can purchase. Each deck has its own significant artwork, and not all artworks will speak to you. Choose the one that you feel most connected to, the one whose artwork you like. No, not only like – choose the one that you feel in love with! You have to love your deck of cards. Namely, this will additionally energize your deck and will help you quickly and easily read your cards.

How to read Tarot cards - Pick your favorite Tarot deck

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