Juno – my true love and spouse! Part 1

Juno will tell you, who your partner will be. It is an asteroid, which tells you what kind of partner you really need.

Juno The Perfect partner and spouse

This is ‘the marriage asteroid’ and it represents how someone relates to a partner in the context of a committed union. In mythology She is the daughter of Saturn, wife of Jupiter, and mother of Mars, Minerva and and Vulcan. As alredy said, She was Jupiter’s wife. However, he cheated on her but she still stayed with him and fulfilled her traditional duties. No matter what, she remained loyal and faithful.

In native’s natal chart…

It’s sign and placement in natal chart reveals the kind of person we are meant to marry. Namely, it represents what we need in a mate. Some astrologers are of an opinion that this asteroid represents our ture love or marriage partner.

So, what does your natal Juno says about your ideal partner?

If you have Juno in Aries, your partner will possess fiery attitude, will be very active and direct, if provoked partner can also be quite aggressive. It will be you who will have to adapt a little to catch your partner’s fast way of living.

Celebrities with Juno in Aries: David Kelly, Norah Jones, Kate Hudson, Rudolph Giuliani, Sheryl Crow, Drew Barrymore

Juno in earthy Taurus will give you a stubborn yet stable partner who will probably be physically very attractive. Since Venus rules Taurus, you can also expect prosperity after marriage since money will be important to your partner and will earn great deal in business.

Celebrities with Juno in Taurus: Mary Kay and Ashley Olsen, David Beckham, Matthew Broderick, Melanie Griffith, Nicky Hilton, Claudia Schiffer, Ivana Trump.

Juno in Gemini denotes talkative and intelligent partner. It could also denote multiple marriages. This position definitely denotes finding your soul mate!

Celebrities with Juno in Gemini: Sharon Stone, Carolyn Kennedy Schlossberg, Angelina Jolie, Mia Farow, Michael Douglas, Bobby Darin.

With Juno in Cancer your marriage partner will be emotional, sensitive, dependent, yet extremly loving and caring. Perhaps your partner’s dependence will have to do with him or her simply being not so strong or healthy.

Celebrities with Juno in Cancer: Annette Bening, Johnny Cash, Tom Cruise, Kathy Lee Gifford, Martin Sheen.

Having Juno in Leo your partner will probably be a bit egoistical, however full of live and creative. For sure, your life after marriage will never be a dull moment.

Celebrities with Juno in Leo: Oprah Winfrey, Venus Williams, Jessica Simpson, Sophie Marceau, Yves Saint Lauren, Nicole Kidman, Howard Hughes, Kurt Cobain.

If you have Juno in Virgo than your ideal spouse will be critical and hard-working, maybe even too health-conscious. This position gives you hints about meeting your spouse at the office or at a hospital.

Celebrities with Juno in Virgo: Lance Armstrong, Patsy Cline, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrel, Helen Hunt, Michael Jordan, Jay Leno, Demi Moore, Winona Ryder, Martha Stewart.

Having Juno in Libra, in the sign of Venus, your partner will be very loving, sociable and well-mannered. Probably your partner will also be very attractive.

Celebrities with Juno in Libra: Anna Nicole Smith, Diane Sawyer, Julia Roberts, Marla Maples, Diana Keaton, Jennifer Garner, Cameron Diaz, Warren Beatty, Ben Affleck.

With Juno in Scorpio you will get very mysterious partner, probably also a bit jealous. Your partner will probably be very sexual and intense and sexual compatibility with you two is a must. Karmic bond from the past could be denoted.

Celebrities with Juno in Scorpio: Kirstie Alley, Robert Blake, Sandra Bullock, Nicholas Cage, Kevin Costner, Jane Fonda, Bill Gates, Paris Hilton, Bob Hope, Larry King, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lisa Marie Presley.

Since Sagittarius traditionally rules the 9th House, with Juno in Sagittarius your partner could come from a different place, country, or culture. Or your partner’s past will be totally different from yours. You partner could have interests in philosophy and occult sciences.

Celebrities with Juno in Sagittarius: Britney Spears, Maria Shriver, Carlos Santana, LeAnn Rimes, Camila Parker-Bowles, Monica Lewinski, Val Kilmer, Teri Hatcher, Russell Crowe, Humphrey Bogart.

Earthy Capricorn will give you a spouse that could be older than you (as an actual age-gape or only emotionally older) or perhaps you will meet your ideal spouse after your First Saturn Return (after 29 years old). Your spouse will also be very practical.

Celebrities with Juno in Capricorn: Jennifer Aniston, Kobe Bryant, Ray Charles, John F Kennedy Jr., Jennifer Lopez, Aristotle Onassis, Matthew Perry, Princess Stephanie, Renee Zellweger.

Juno in Aquarius will give you logical rather than emotional partner. You partner could also be an old friend of yours or you could be introduced at a social gathering. Your partner’s social life will be busy, maybe you could even feel a bit neglected because of this. No matter what, your partner will be a good-hearted person.

Celebrities with Juno in Aquarius: Victoria Beckham, Sonny Bono, Katie Couric, Elizabeth Hurley, Robert Downey jr., Sarah Jessica-Parker, Christopher Reeve, J.K. Rowling, Brooke Shields.

With Juno in emotional Pisces your partner could be a bit dreamy and imaginative; perhaps your partner could have secret feelings for you long before your relationship became a reality. The only thing that you have to be aware is that you don’t marry a person simply because of physical or emotional disability.

Celebrities with Juno in Pisces: Carolyn Bessette, Tom Brokaw, George Clooney, Penelope Cruz, Princess Diana, Michael J. Fox, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Meg Ryan, Vanna White.

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Alice in Wonderland March 27, 2018 - 10:00 pm

I have Juno in Sagittarius ( 1st house). Mars from Virgo( 9th house) and Saturn ( Pisces 3rd house) both squares Juno. Moon is in Aquarius and in good aspect with Juno. Does that mean I will have older partner from other country ? Husband who doesn’t speak my mother tongue (3rd house)?

Astrology and Tarot / Lenormand readings by Rebecca
Rebecca May 1, 2018 - 9:51 am

It is possible that your partner can come from another country – that is one way how this Saggy Juno can manifest. Although with the rest aspects mentioned I would say that it is possible that your partner will present you totally new style of living; he might be either more spiritual or more materialistic than you are – it goes both ways. Also, I don’t think that your partner will necessary be older. It is quite possible that it will be the same age as you are or even younger, but regardless of your partner’s real age, he (or she) will be much more mature than the rest of the people his (or hers) age.

Halfers October 16, 2019 - 6:02 am

What about Juno 29° in Pisces 12th house? I am 36 years old. Thanks.

Astrology and Tarot / Lenormand readings by Rebecca
Rebecca December 17, 2019 - 10:32 am

I would say that your partner might be even more emotional and/or imaginative since your Juno is placed in your 12th house. With you there is even more important to really choose someone for your spouse, whom you like for their “soul”, not their looks. Namely, after a while their looks won’t bring you any satisfaction whatsoever. If you choose carefully, you can find yourself really lovely, careful and emotionally stable spouse. <3

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