Lenormand Court Cards

Lenormand court cards

The Lenormand deck was derived from the playing card deck. Therefore, it is no wonder that nowadays, there are still playing cards featured on Lenormand cards in some decks. Thus Lenormand Court cards can, in some cases, represent people with particular features or simply just male or female energy.

Personal Experience with Lenormand Court Cards

Recently I gave a reading to a female friend of mine. She wanted to know more about the significant male with whom she went on a date. Cards showed us that in the past, he went through an extremely hard emotional experience.

I pulled some more cards, and we saw that someone of importance to him died, for instance, a close friend, family member, etc. However, we wanted to know exactly, who died and how. Subsequently, I pulled cards, and I got RIDERHOUSEGARDEN.

It was clear to me that this person had to be somehow connected to his house; it could be someone who lived in his house or his relative. This person was vital and active (as RIDER), and with a card of GARDEN, I assumed that this person had an accident somewhere in nature (or maybe in a public place).

A few days later my female friend called me and told me that it was his father who died – he died after having a ski accident. Court Card HOUSE (The King of Hearts) represented here an actual father of his.

When it comes to describing people, Lenormand court cards have the following meanings:

  • 04 – House = The King of Hearts: this is usually an older, mature man. He can act fatherly (or can represent an actual father), but his main role is to protect.
  • 17 – Stork = The Queen of Hearts: a female, who likes to give a helping hand, a sincere person, sometimes can represent a female querent in a reading.
  • 24 – Heart = The Jack of Hearts: sincere young man, could be quite attractive.
  • 30 – Lily = The King of Spades: an older male, usually powerful.
  • 09 – Bouquet = The Queen of Spades: young (or youngish) lady.
  • 13 – Child = The Jack of Spades: young male with a tendency toward malice and duplicity.
  • 34 – Fish = The King of Diamonds: powerful (older) male with a substantial amount of resources.
  • 22 – Crossroads = The Queen of Diamonds: you lady, well dressed, with a tendency to be superior.
  • 10 – Scythe = The Jack of Diamonds: young male, probably a bit detached from people around him.
  • 06 – Clouds = The King of Clubs: usually older male, intelligent and influential.
  • 07 – Snake = The Queen of Clubs: a female of resourcefulness and a worthy foe.
  • 11 – Whip = The Jack of Clubs: young, vigorous male, smart and fit.

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