Lenormand SPREAD: Predict future with 3×3

Lenormand spread 3×3 is an easy way to get some in-depth clarification and predictions for the future!

Lenormand Spread - Predict future with 3x3

Recently I was asked to do Lenormand reading for my friend (let’s call her Katie), who is trying to forget her past love interest and start dating again. I want to share this reading with you as an example of how you can read a layout of 9 (3×3) Lenormand cards. I asked what Katie could expect in the love area in the next three to four months.

So I took the card that represents Katie – the Woman (29) – and put her in the middle of the spread.

Lenormand Spread 3x3

First look at the CENTER ROW: KEY – WOMAN – HEART. The Key on the left indicates something significant will happen to her. Something might be unlocked or revealed which will bring her a new romantic opportunity. The Heart card at her right indicates “a woman in love.” Just from the look of this row, I would say that in the next three to four months, she will definitely meet someone who will warm her heart.

Now let’s focus on columns.

In the 1ST COLUMN are SNAKE – KEY – SHIP. The Snake card at the very beginning shows a possible female rival. However, with the Key card following, I would say Katie will either find a proper solution for getting rid of her rival or will simply be lucky and won’t even have to face any rival at all. She might travel in order to get what she wants or will get a great business opportunity that will bring her closer to her new romantic interest. Maybe a friend (DOG) will present her with this new opportunity or help her in some way with it.

In the 2ND COLUMN (in the middle), we have FOX – WOMAN – DOG. The Fox card, to me, can be tricky. It could simply denote work or job, but it could also indicate trickery, cunning, fraud, or any sort of lie. With the Woman and the Dog card following down the road, I am going to say that Katie will find new love interests among friends in connection to her work.

The 3RD COLUMN involves FISH – HEART – BEAR. Fish indicates a deep connection with your romantic partner, even a soulmate connection even. With the Heart card following, I would say that there is some great love on the way to her. The Bear at the end could easily indicate that Katie’s new romantic partner will be either very protective of her or quite wealthy. With the Dog before the Bear, it could even be both!

It drove my attention that there are four (!) cards in the spread that denote either business or a ‘business theme’ (the Fox, the Fish, the Ship, the Bear). This gets me thinking – most likely, she will meet her new love in connection to her work.

Katie is an amazing human being to all she knows. However, she had extremely bad luck when it came to relationships in the past. I was blessed when I was able to give her such positive news. She deserves true love, and she will get it! The universe is wise, and karma does exist!

Are you in doubt? Do you need clarification? Don’t be afraid to ask!


Thank you so much for your immense support!

Loves & Hugs, Rebecca

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