Nuances of Cards

Nuances of Cards in Lenormand are very important. Knowing this will help you to become better and much more accurate Lenormand reader.

Nuances of cards in Lenormand readings
When it comes to Lenormand readings, it is extremely important to know not only the meaning of each and every card but also the nuances of cards.

  • Action cards indicate movement and (desire to) change.
  • Mood cards give a general vibe to the reading.
  • Portrait cards help if we need to get specifics about people and situations.
  • Time cards are to be noticed in a spread if they are at least in pairs; they can indicate that something will happen (or need to be done) quickly or if something needs more time to manifest.

Nuances of cards:

[one_fourth]ACTION Cards
01 Rider
03 Ship
10 Scythe
11 Whip
12 Birds
17 Stork
22 Crossroads
33 Key
34 Fish

[one_fourth]MOOD Cards
02 Clover
04 House
06 Clouds
08 Coffin
09 Bouquet
16 Stars
20 Garden
23 Mice
24 Heart
30 Sun
32 Moon
33 Key
36 Cross

[one_fourth]PORTRAIT Cards
04 House
07 Snake
13 Child
15 Bear
18 Dog
19 Tower
21 Mountain
25 Ring
26 Book
27 Letter
28 Man
29 Woman

TIME Cards
01 Rider
05 Tree
10 Scythe
23 Mice
30 Lilies
32 Moon
35 Anchor

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