FREE weekly and daily printable planners (.pdf)

I love to make plans. And I love to be organized. I enjoy making lists and ticking off things that I already acomplished. I used to write ‘to-do’ lists on a white paper, but it got boring. 🙂

Last year I asked my brother to make special printable weekly and daily planners for and he did it. From then on I simply can’t imagine my working day without them. I use them in A4 size and in six different colors. And since I believe that many of you also have pretty busy daily life and could use cute printable planners, I have decided to share them with you. FOR FREE!

Printable Planners (.pdf) for FREE

Six different colors are available for FREE DOWNLOAD. Choose your favorite or simply download all of them. 🙂

Printable Planners (.pdf) for FREE

Once you download them, you can print planners as many times as you want it, but only personal usage is allowed, no commercial.


I hope you like them and you find them useful. I sure find them extremely useful. 🙂