TOP 4 reasons love marriage fails

Love marriage is most likely something that you year for, right? Well, many people do. However, not all have the privilage to experience it.

TOP 4 reasons love marriage fail

Love marriage is something that many people long for, right?

I remember one episode of Friends, where Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) desperately tried to find a new job in advertising. Therefore, he tried to find creative slogans for everything he and his wife Monica (Courtney Cox) had in apartment. After a while Monika had enough and told her husband her slogan for marriage. She said: “Marriage – it is not for everybody!

It was funny to me at that time, but years later I discovered this to be so true. A dream wedding and long-lasting marriage with a true love is something that many people want. However, not all are meant to get married and to stay married for years and years to come.

Venus in the planet of Love. So when it comes to questions about love-partner and love-marriage, we need to check the conditions of native’s natal Venus.

In love astrology it is often believed that the two individuals could take their relationship to the stage of marriage only if the 5th House and/or its Lord are combined with the 2nd, 7th and/or 11th House and/or their Lords.

TOP 4 reasons love marriage fail

Venus placement in individual’s natal chart plays extremely important role for success or fail of a marriage. There are some aspects that COULD – but by all meanings not WILL – lead to interrupted relationship ergo divorce. For example:

  • when one’s Venus is between the other one’s Sun and the Moon, partnerhips could last only for a short time;
  • if one’s Venus isn’t in harmonious relationship with another one’s Moon, it could give one person a feeling of dissatisfaction in a relationship;
  • in case that one’s Venus and another one’s Mars are in hard aspect, the couple can face intimacy problems;
  • when one’s Venus and another one’s Saturn are in hard aspect, there is a tendency that the couple won’t be able to express their true emotion to each other, which could cause misunderstandings between them and eventually leads to break up of the union.

TOP 4 reasons love marriage fail

Of course, these aspects alone are only a few indicators that the couple doesn’t have much future together. You NEED to look for other aspects in synastry before you say that the couple won’t last.

Would you like to see, if you and your significant other have future in marriage?


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