01 – Rider (Cavalier)

General description: Usually The Rider is the symbol of movement, arrival, or transit, as well as swiftness and speed. Also, The Rider denotes that something is on the way to you; it could be something that you are expecting or something totally new. The card that follows The Rider will tell you what to expect. Perhaps I should mention also, that for Rana The Rider’s horse also symbolizes power, agility, freedom, travel, beauty, and grace.

Lenormand Card Meaning 01 The Rider

For quick interpretation use: news, visitor, delivery, and feedback.

General future: news will arrive; new information or an update will come; a new person is about to enter your life.

Work: if you have to make a decision, make it fast; if you wait for something to be delivered to you, it will be here quickly; work in a postal department.

Love: a brand new person will enter your life; a relationship it is on its way; a new friendship will happen

Time: something can happen really quickly; in one day; the first of the month; January.

Advice: Keep moving on!

Rider (Cavalier) in combination with…

… clover (2): good news, successful gambiling, a lucky young man
… ship (3): news about a trip, young boy on a trip, a message from distant place
… house (4): news comes home, a visitor, news about a house
tree (5): someone with karmic connection will come into your life, health-related news
clouds (6): mixed or confusing message, a message will cause confusion, troubling news
snake (7): news from a woman or related to a woman, bad or false news
coffin (8):  a depressed young man, negative news, news about an ending
bouquet (9): happy news, handsome young man
scythe (10): sudden message, news of an accident, news of a surgery
whip (11): a sexy young man, news will cause interuption or verbal disagreement
birds (12): gossip, news over the phone, many messages
child (13): birth announcement, message about a new start, a young boy
fox (14): boy with a red hair, job news, false news (if it is not a job related question)
bear (15): news from you boss or someone above you, news about finances
stars (16): a dreamy man, news will bring hope, good news
stork (17): news of change or moving
dog (18): a helpful and loyal young man, visit or simply news from a friend
tower (19): a lonely young man, visit from someone from your past, message from a government
garden (20): young restless man who wants to be single, news about an event, public announcement
mountain (21): a news about problems, delayed message
crossroad (22): indecisive young man, multiple offers will arrive, you will have a choice
mice (23): stressful news, a lost message
heart (24): a new love will come, love message will arrive, flirtation, wedding announcement
ring (25): new commitment or a contract, marriage proposal, an actual marriage happens
book (26): secret news, new discovery
letter (27): (all kind of) written documents arrive
man (28): an athletic man, a new man comes, news or a visit from a man,
woman (29): an active woman, a new woman comes, news from a woman,
lily (30): news from an older man (your father), news of retirement,
sun (31):  ambitious young man, extremly good news comes, success arrives, victory
moon (32): a romantic young man, new romance, recognition
key (33): a significant young man, news comes for sure, an important news arrives
fish (34): a businessman, financial news arrives, business-related news,
anchor (35): reassuring message, work-related news
cross (36): news can bring pain or worries

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