Your most romantic times – when will they come?

Most romantic times are “written in the stars.” Let’s see how this works.

Your most romantic times – when will they come?

Most romantic times, at least astrologically speaking, come to us when we have lovely transit aspects to our natal planets, especially Venus or Mars.

Transiting Venus conjuncts our Sun or Ascendant

Every year or so, transit Venus conjuncts our Sun or Ascendant. This is the time when we feel good and attractive and, therefore also, other people see us as more attractive. This usually leads to lovely, passionate moments with our significant others or to some memorable moments with people in our surroundings.

Transiting Venus or Jupiter travels through our 5th or 7th House.

When the planet of Love or the planet of abundance is traveling through our house of love and passion or our house of relationship, you can imagine what happens. With Venus, this happens every year or so, with Jupiter every 12 years. If in a relationship, this is often the time when people get married or create a family when there is some hot time in their bedrooms. If single, then opportunities to meet someone special are definitely potent at this time.

Venus and Mars conjunct your Sun

Due to the fact that Venus and Mars aren’t moving at the same speed, you don’t often get the opportunity to get both in your Sun sign. Since this aspect is rare, you can imagine that when it happens, it definitely affects you in a positive way. Romance meets passion, and it sparks around your Sun – it is definitely time to remember.

Your most romantic times – when will they come?

Have you already experienced any of these aspects?

If so, did anything significant happen around that time?


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