03 – Ship

Lenormand Cards Meaning - 03 Ship Card

General description: The Ship card is usually all about travel, distance, and slow movement. Depending on what kind of reading you are doing; the Ship card could represent foreign countries, foreign people, distant locations, or different vehicles. In some cases, the Ship card could also denote separation. If it appears next to Coffin, as stated by Rana, it could mean inheritance.

Lenormand Cards Meaning 03 Ship Card

For quick interpretation use: travel, transfer, journey, distance.

General future: going somewhere far; a change will happen but not overnight; someone is leaving; someone is taking a vacation; traveling; any kind of movement.

Work: a job requires a lot of traveling; a shipment is on its way; a trip has to be done; the need for a break; affairs abroad or with foreigners.

Love: a romantic getaway; a long-distance relationship; a foreign love affair; separation.

Time: three days, weeks, or months; 3rd of the month; March.

Advice: Be free and dare to try out new horizons!

Ship in combination with…

rider (1): distant message; trip with a young man; news about a trip
clover (2): lucky trip; unexpected trip; gambling trip
house (4): change of home; trip back home; houseboat
tree (5): long journey; spiritual trip
clouds (6): an uncertain journey
snake (7): foreign woman; trip with a woman; the trip has problems
coffin (8): the trip is unpleasant; the trip is canceled… bouquet (9): a happy trip; a lovely journey
scythe (10): sudden journey; canceled trip; sudden travel accident
whip (11): exhausting trip; a troubled journey
birds (12): discussions about a journey; travel by plane; a foreign couple
child (13): new start on a journey; short journey; new start in business; traveling with a child
fox (14): be aware of deceitfulness on a trip
bear (15): financial success in business; money transfer; foreign currency
stars (16): positive trip; dream vacation; a promising journey
stork (17): moving; change of residence; change of a trip; a trip brings change
dog (18): traveling with a friend; a friend from another country
tower (19): foreign government; traveling alone
garden (20): a trip into the green (forest etc.); traveling to a social event; foreign country, international trip
mountain (21): travel delays; postponed travel; a trip to the mountains
crossroad (22): decision about a trip; multiple journeys; changing planes
mice (23): cancelled trip; stressful trip; expensive trip; loss on a trip
heart (24): honeymoon; romantic getaway; foreign lover
ring (25): overseas wedding; long-distance relationship; foreign business contract
book (26): study abroad; educational journey; passport; secret trip
letter (27): international letter; traveling ticket; information about a trip
man (28): foreigner; works in a travel industry
woman (29): foreigner; works in a travel industry
lily (30): peaceful trip; senior cruise; winter journey; older foreign man
sun (31): summer vacation; successful trip
moon (32): honeymoon; romantic trip; dreaming about a trip; travel at night
key (33): important, significant trip; the trip will definitely happen
fish (34): fishing trip; money comes; business partner; business trip
anchor (35): long trip; harbor; reaching your destination
cross (36): painful trip; destined trip; religious pilgrimage

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