07 – Snake

Lenormand Cards Meaning - 07 Snake Card

General description: The Snake Card often denotes lies, a sort of betrayal, or at least jealousy. It could also mean another woman (mistress). When it comes to particular situations, Snake shows us that not everything is the way that it looks. But if a problem or deceiving situation is caught early, it can be removed ergo solved.

Lenormand Cards Meaning 07 Snake Card

For quick interpretation use: lies, betrayal

General future: lies, traps, some difficulties on the road

Work: technical hitches, tricky problems

Love: jealousy, cheating

Time: seven days or months, July

Advice: Use your wit; Shed your skin!

Snake in combination with…

rider (1): news about a problem; dishonest news; news from a woman
clover (2): solution for a problem
ship (3): problems with transport; journey with a woman
house (4): dishonest family; house repairs
tree (5): illness; (STD etc.); female doctor
clouds (6): lost in a problem; problem causes confusion
coffin (8): problems come to an end
bouquet (9): problems are solved
scythe (10): surgery; attack by a woman
whip (11): seduction; abuse; fight
birds (12): meeting causes problems; deception within a couple; compromise
child (13): the beginning of a project brings dishonesty; a dishonest child
fox (14): lies; betrayal; female rival (at work)
bear (15): too much control; financial problems; dishonest boss
stars (16): difficult project; dreams are deceiving
stork (17): risky move; changing skin
dog (18): dishonest friend; a woman with a dog
tower (19): lawsuit; an independent woman
garden (20): don’t trust your social network; challenging event
mountain (21): problems won’t be solved for quite a while
crossroad (22): avoiding a problem; multiple lies
mice (23): destruction; major problems
heart (24): cheating, affair, ‘the other woman’
ring (25): compromise; agreement; a committed woman
book (26): investigation; woman is hiding a secret; mistress
letter (27): a woman brings message; bad message
man (28): a man with ‘the other woman’; cheater
woman (29): manipulative (sometimes also very intellectual) woman
lily (30): sexual relationship; sick older man; affair
sun (31): final success; the solution may cost
moon (32): deception; a popular woman
key (33): solution (for a woman) will come
fish (34): business fraud; woman receives money
anchor (35): insecurity; lack of trust
cross (36): abuse; major problems; a woman with a major problem

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