Soulmates… Don’t get confused: butterflies in your stomach aren’t the same as the soulmate experience! Maybe it is just love karma

Soulmates - THE BEST SIGN that you two are NOT SOULMATES!

Nowadays, a lot of people are under the false impression that they’ve found their soulmates. Yet, when a relationship runs into some troubled waters, people often get used to so-called spiritual readers or psychics.

This article is dedicated to all who are facing a breakup or having issues in an existing relationship, yet you were somehow convinced that you and your partner are soulmates and that you are just in the so-called “runner/chase” phase, where you two need to find each other. I hate to break it to you, but this is plain bull***.

In my article “5 Signs You’ve found your soulmate,” I’ve already explained what qualities does relationship between two soulmates has, and the truth is that not everyone is lucky enough to find such a relationship. I am utterly sure that everyone has the opportunity to find a soulmate in this lifetime. However, not all actually do find it.

Penny experienced the “false soulmate” connection!

Here is the story of my client of 4 years. For the purpose of protecting her identity, let’s call her Penny.

In June 2015, Penny met this guy (let’s call him Stephen) online. They talked for a few days, and in a week, they went on a first date. She called me the day, after all, happy and explained how she and Stephen had immediately “clicked” with each other on that date. Clearly, she was in love. I looked into Tarot for her, and what I saw was a lovely relationship where emotions are very potent. I didn’t see any signs of a long-term relationship, but to be honest, I wasn’t even looking for them.

Penny was happy in love, and that was so nice to see. She often told me about how she feels that they are connected, they finish each other sentences, laugh at the same jokes, learn from each other, and sometimes they just lay together in a bed and talk for hours without even being sexual.

It sounded like a fairy tale until January 2019. She came to me and asked me to look into cards and what was going on with Stephen.

“Lately, he has been so distant. We barely spend more than a few hours a week together because of his work schedule. Yesterday, when I asked him what he thinks of the idea of moving in together, he answered that he still needs some more time.”

I shuffled cards. I got Strength RX and Two of Pentacles. The spread ended with the Tower. I knew it immediately; Stephen would end their relationship with Penny within a month! I didn’t tell her that but instead asked her to be cautious around Stephen and to search for any sign of him cheating. She was in shock. She couldn’t believe that Stephen would actually cheat on her.

About a week later, Penny called me in tears, telling me that Stephen ended their relationship with her. He told her all that typical bull$%!# about how he doesn’t “feel” the relationship anymore. Apparently, he met someone else online a few months ago and would like to try a new relationship with her. Penny was emotionally ruined. For a month, she called him, wrote him messages, and wanted to reconcile with him. She did all the desperate moves on him, but he didn’t come back.

I spent over three months finally proving to Penny that Stephen wasn’t her soulmate. She wasn’t an easy person to convince, as no one in love is. It took me longer because she visited a “psychic” some time ago who said to her that Stephen is her soulmate. What a BS…

Penny has been single for the past few months. A week ago, she finally went on a first date with a new guy. I asked her if I could publish her story since she is over Stephen. She allowed me to do it. From what she told me, the new guy seems very emotionally grounded, financially stable, and very well-educated. Since I know Penny’s natal chart, I know that this guy sounds exactly like the one Penny needs in her life. But before you ask, no, I haven’t shuffled cards for this one yet, nor have I looked into his natal chart. But be sure that I will do it very soon. 😉

There is no “running/catching” with soulmates.

If you’ve read my article “5 Signs You’ve found your soulmate,” then you know that soulmates ALWAYS meet at the perfect time. There is no “running/catching” phase between them. If your partner ran away from the relationship, (s)he isn’t your soulmate. I know it might sound harsh, but it is the truth. And the saddest thing about all together is that you can actually miss true love in this lifetime if you hold too strong onto someone who isn’t your soulmate!

My honest advice is the following: if you are convinced by so-called spiritual readers or psychics that you and your ex-partner are “soulmates” but need to find each other, need to grow first before you two can be together, make a clear step away from this relationship! Leave the idea of reconciliation just because you “feel that they are your soulmate.” Leave it for your own good and for the sake of the possibility of experiencing true soulmate connection with your true soulmate. Don’t let your impatience ruin your possibility of meeting your true soulmate.

What is the purpose of this article?

I want to help you – either after a break up with or before you enter a relationship with someone. Even though love never was rational, you should be aware of the fact that “being in love” with someone is not the same as “being someone’s soulmate”. You can experience great love in a relationship with someone who actually isn’t your soulmate even though “you feel it” like it were. You might even experience love karma

SOULMATES - it is not that common to find one

Finding a soulmate is not THAT common.

I have seen at least 40 couples each year, where one partner comes to me to consult about whether their partner is their soulmate. Namely, with astrology, you can determine for sure and undisputedly if someone is your soulmate, if you have a special soul connection with someone from previous lives, etc. And sadly, in most cases, there are no such connections. That doesn’t mean that you cannot experience it. However, you need to be careful and distinguish great love or “to be in love” from the soulmate experience.

Love is beautiful as it is, and soulmates are overrated. If you find your soulmate, appreciate it. However, if you find love, cherish it.


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Loves & Hugs, Rebecca

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