Tarot SPREAD: Determine the probability of an event!

Which TAROT SPREAD do you use when you need to determine the probability of something happening?

For some time now, I have been using the ‘probability spread’ where I use the Wheel of Fortune card to predict the probability of something happening.

How does TAROT SPREAD “Probability spread” works?

First of all, take your deck of Tarot cards and take out the Wheel of Fortune card. Shuffle the rest of the deck and think about your question. Now take nine cards out of the shuffled deck.

Put the chosen nine cards together with the Wheel of Fortune card and shuffle them together. Think about your question while shuffling.

When you are feeling ready, lay the cards down in random order.

Once the cards are lying down, turn cards around and see where you can find the Wheel of Fortune card. The placement of this card will tell you how high (or low) the chances for something to happen are.


Is it possible that Claire and Jack will be a couple again?

Tarot Spread - Probability of an event The Wheel of Fortune is placed in 4th place (from left to right) – chances are high (70%) that they will be a couple again.

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