Thalia asteroid: could you be a professional comedian?

Asteroid Thalia

So… Thalia, an asteroid that I already mentioned in article Do you have a sense of humor? Astrology will tell you!. She could very easily be the ultimate indicator whether someone will have (or is able to have) a successful career as a (stand-up) comedian. She could easily be far more important in natal chart of a comedian than Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon.

According to sources this asteroid was discovered in 1852 being placed between Mars and Jupiter. It brought attention to the astrologers when they discovered that she appears prominently in natal charts of people who made their career in a comedy (as actors, writers, stand-up performers). Extremely prominent is she especially when conjuncts one’s natal Sun or Saturn.

I did some research and found a list of comedians, who have this asteroid very well placed in their natal charts.

Famous comedians with Thalia connected to their Sun and/or Saturn

  • An outstanding comedian George Carline had Thalia-Sun-Saturn connection, also Charlie Chaplin and Jack Benny.
  • Then there is a line of modern comedians, who all have Thalia connected with their Saturn: Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano and (my favorite!) Jim Carrey
  • Lucille Ball (you know, the lady from I Love Lucy) has some great Thalia placement! Her’s opposes her Venus and sextiles both, Saturn and Uranus.
  • Currently extremely popular American show host Ellen DeGeneres as well has prominent Thalia in her chart; her’s conjuncts her Sun and Venus!
  • Roseanne Barr, one of the most popular modern female TV sitcom star, also has her Thalia in conjunction with her natal Venus.

Do you want to build your careere in the world of comedy? Do you want to know where this asteroid is in your natal chart and if you have astrological pre-despossitions for being ‘kick-ass’ comedian?


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  1. That’s interesting. I have Thalia (11°) conjunct Sun(10°), Venus(9°) and Saturn(10°) but I haven’t started my career in this field yet 🙂

    • Very interesting, Gabi. How old are you (in your 20s, 30s …)? Sometimes age plays massive role, especially with planets such as Saturn and Venus.

  2. Oh yes, age is important. I’m 20 now, so obviously too young. I have a friend born on the same day and we both love making jokes but we’ve never thought about making money from it. However, now that I found out about Thalia’s prominence in my chart, I’m looking forward to see how things will play out later in life! Thanks for your reply by the way!

  3. Hello, I have Thalia in conjunction with my MC (Midheaven) both 29º Capricorn.
    I have comedian skills like Jim Carrey style. Should I take this serious and try my luck in comedy acting field? Im in my late 20s. Thank you very much!

  4. Great article on 23 Thalia! We need more stories on this topic.

  5. Dean Martin (June 7, 1917 @ 11:55 p.m., Steubenville, OH) has Thalia (Cancer 29.19) conjunct Saturn (Cancer 28.05) in the Fifth House of entertainment.

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