The Celtic Cross – powerful Tarot spread

Deep insight and understanding into a particular situation or question.

The Celtic Cross is one of the most beloved, yet also very powerful, Tarot spreads. It gives you not only the answer but also helps you understand your situation in a much wider sense.

The Celtic Cross - Tarot Cards Spread

The Tarot Celtic Cross is a popular and widely used tarot spread that provides a comprehensive look at a particular question or situation. It is made up of ten cards, each of which represents a different aspect of the querent’s life or the situation in question.

The first card represents the querent’s current situation, while the second card represents any obstacles that they may be facing. The third card represents any unconscious influences that may be affecting the situation, while the fourth card represents any past influences that may be impacting the present.

The fifth card represents the querent’s conscious goals and desires, while the sixth card represents the immediate future. The seventh card represents the querent’s own feelings about the situation, while the eighth card represents the feelings of others involved in the situation.

The ninth card represents the querent’s hopes and fears, while the tenth and final card represents the overall outcome of the situation.

The Celtic Cross Tarot Card Spread

The Tarot Celtic Cross can be a powerful tool for gaining insight and understanding into a particular situation or question. I use this spread for my clients, who also need help identifying any potential obstacles or challenges that they may need to overcome in order to achieve their desired outcome.

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