Transit Venus in Houses – Love & Money

Transit Venus can tell you a lot about how your life will be in a next few months. Check, how it will affect you!

Transit Venus in Houses – Love & Money

I hear it often, I say it even more often – timing is everything. Starting a new project with Mercury being retrograde could (could!) be a failure. Starting new relationship when tranist Venus is in your 12th House could bring you a relationship that is a secretive long time before it becomes public.

Yes, I do believe that astrology can help us to choose the right timing. However I also firmly believe that we need to take an opportunity when it comes, that we need to trust a divine timing. If opportunity knocks on your door, take it. Don’t wait for ‘the right astrological circumstances’ – if it is meant to be, it will be!

Since love and money always play important role in our everyday life, I have decided to write about it. What can we expect when the planet that rules all the beautiful things that we are surrounded in our lives with transits different houses in our natal chart. For more precise astrological report you should always check also what houses in your Solar Return chart and your Progression chart transit Venus is as well.

So, Venus…

Throughout centuries and in different cultures (also in astrology) Venus was a symbol for wife, beauty, art, music, nature, gems, cooperation, harmony, happiness, love, marriage. In ancient Greece Venus was called the star of Aphrodite. It rules reproductive system in our body, kidneys and (no wonder) our face.

The sign that Venus is placed in native’s natal chart indicated how one relates to others, what one finds attractive, how one approaches to love, and how one is capable to earn money. The house that Venus is positioned in native’s natal chart and the house that Venus rules in native’s natal chart describe areas of life that will be most profoundly impacted in native’s life. Also for native usually things that are represented by those houses, bring love and joy in life.

So what happens when transit Venus is travelling through your 1st House? What kind of love can you expect when transit Venus is in your natal 7th House? What will bring you joy when transit Venus is placed in your 11th House?

Venus Transits your First House

Hello, gorgeous! With transit Venus in your 1st House you can expect to attract attention easier than any time before. You may pay more attention to your physical appearance, aiming to improve your attractiveness and with Venus in 1st House you can reach great results. Appointment with your favourite hairdresser– checked! Others find you very cooperative, gentle and you may feel more social and outgoing and want to reach out to people. Only in some cases – if there are too many people who would like to make contact with you – this can manifest as period where you are emotionally distant or in a need of some emotional isolation. When it comes to love matters this is a great time for searching out new love relationship, or (if already in relationship) to strengthen an existing one.

Venus Transits your Second House

Venus feels at home in the Second House. Need for feeling of being secure will be prominent in this time. Usually in this period you will attract who will make you secure, will increase your self-esteem. When it comes to love, this is a stable position for Venus therefore any close relationship that evolves under this transit, should be a stable one. You might meet someone new through dealing with money (store, bank…) or your new love interest will work with money (an accountant, banker). However, in this particular time home and familiarity are important to you so being happy with people around you that you already know will for some of you be more important that meeting new people.

Venus Transits your Third House

When Venus transits in your third House chances are that you will be more sentimental or nostalgic as usual. Loyalty and sensitivity are especially prominent for you at this time. Since third House is ruled by Gemini, a sign of responsibility and duties, chances are that there could be people who could pique your interest. Gemini is also a master of words so this is also period when you can achieve wanted promotion only by using your words since you know what to say and when to say it. If you are in a middle of negotiations, luck is on your side. If you are looking for love, you might meet someone on a short trip or through siblings, neighbours, or online. This person could be writer, community worker.

Venus Transits your Fourth House

Home and life around your family is especially important for you at this time. If anything is not in order at home front, you will do everything to fix it and to create stability in your home environment. When it comes to romance, fling isn’t something you are looking for. You need more than that. Feeling safe, protected is important to you. As where to meet your potential romantic partner maybe a family member could introduce you to someone new or you might meet someone who works with homes in some way (architect, real estate agent, designer…). If you are in a relationship, you will focus on creating stable and warm home for the two of you.

Venus Transits your Fifth House

When it comes to work, if you are looking for inspiration, you have it! Also dealing with children is easier for you at this time since you can easily get in touch with your inner child. Since 5th House is the house of love, romance and sexual encounters this is great time to begin dating someone new. It won’t be boring for sure! Your romance will be full of cute playful moments, maybe some confusion and a piece of drama as well. Meeting someone new could happen somewhere where creative approach is needed.

Venus Transits your Sixth House

With Venus transits in 6th House you will get more appreciations than usual, since you are more tactful and obliging with your co-workers. Your approach towards work will be creative a possibility of being a bit lazy at this time is also here. When it comes to love, this won’t be something what you will look only for a sake of love itself – you will think about whether falling in love with a particular person is smart thing to do or not. The 6th House rules work environment so you might meet someone at your job (or at theirs), maybe this person is your co-worker. Think clear through before getting involved; make sure it doesn’t get messy.

Venus Transits your Seventh House

You should have some pleasant conversation on or about your work just about right now while transit Venus is in your 7th House. If any misunderstandings happened in the past few weeks, now everything should be explained and solved and it could easily be at your benefit. New partnerships that are built under this transit are usually long-lasting and stable. Venus in 7th House brings a desire to be committed to someone or to make commitment. You are in for ‘the big deal’ not just some short romance. Since Venus is also about beauty, looks might be especially (or more than usual) important to you. You can meet someone through your close friendships.

Venus Transits your Eight House

Finances can get some much needed boost at this time (especially through your family, partner). At work you can’t stand people who are superficial (neither can you do so in your personal life) so you are more inclined to work in small groups or even alone. But you work with penetrating passion since 8th House belongs to Scorpio. Love that happens in this period can be transformative, sexual desire is much denoted. You could easily dig deep into person you are interested since you need more than just sexual encounter. You have a strong need to be truly intimate with someone. Your potential mate could be someone who deals with psychology on daily basis or could work in research (detective, criminal investigator, forensic…).

Venus Transits your Ninth House

If you have ever had a wish to learn something new, now it is the time to do so. Traveling for work is also denoted with transit Venus the 9th House. You need to feel free; you are looking for fun and new excited things in life. At work you will look for new, creative projects – if they involve writing, teaching or speaking, you will shine! Romance could happen through your new hobby or on a trip. Maybe person that you will get interested in will be a teacher, linguist, writer or someone who always lives on the edge and its never bored. It could easily be a foreigner.

Transit Venus in Houses – Love & Money

Venus Transits your Tenth House

This is the time when you shine at work. You are charming in public and can easily attract more people to you than usual. If you are entrepreneur, business person or work in public relations, it’s great time for you to make next step in your career; especially if you work in the arts or beauty industry. Do you want to ask your boss for a raise? With your positive impact you could easily get it! When it comes to romance you will be attracted to someone who is stable, has a success in their career or has a good social status. This person could be CEO, your mentor, entrepreneur. Truly, with transit Venus in 10th House your professional and love life could be extremely connected.

Venus Transits your Eleventh House

Optimism is you key in this period; you attract positive people and people around you feel your positive vibration and love to be in your company. Even though you have numerous opportunities to spend time with other people, you might need some ‘me-time’ where you can enjoy your individuality more. In love you are seeking for someone who shares the same interest as you do. You might meet this person through your friends. Passion isn’t that much of importance for you just about now; you are in a need for special someone who gives you some mental action. It could easily happen that you get involve with someone who you know for years now but never thought about being romantically involved with them.

Venus Transits your Twelfth House

12th House is about hidden things in life; in love and money as well. When it comes to your work and daily routine you prefer to do things on your own, you are looking for more spiritual matters to deal with. Co-workers may get feeling that you are not interested in working together, that team work doesn’t fit you right now. You are not willing to talk that much. Also with love you might keep it to yourself if you get interested in someone. This is the time when you can meet someone to whom you could feel pure karmic attraction. It can also easily happen that you are attracted to someone for whom you feel the need to help them; you might meet them in hospital or this person could be a doctor, prison guard, drug counsellor. Be careful!

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