05 – Tree

Lenormand Cards Meaning - 05 Tree Card

General description: Often the Tree card symbolizes things that grow or things that have deep roots therefore the Tree card can show health, also fertility, and spiritual (karmic) connection.

Lenormand Cards Meaning 05 Tree Card

For quick interpretation use: health, spirituality

General future: growth, connecting with significant people or your past life connection (your roots), spiritual belief, something that comes (grows) slow

Work: healing art, spiritual work, yoga

Love: karmic love, soulmates, deep love

Time: long time, from five days to five years, May, 5th of the month

Advice: find the origin, act mature

Tree in combination with…

rider (1): someone is coming, with whom you might have a karmic or past life connection; a message about health is about to come
clover (2): good health; health improvement
ship (3): trip due to health; a spiritual journey
house (4): a house on a tree; stable health
clouds (6): confusion about health; mental health problems; some kind of health issues
snake (7): health issue (in general)
coffin (8): depression; exhaustion; significant illness
bouquet (9): alternative medicine; allergies; health improvements
scythe (10): broken bones; dental issues; surgery
whip (11): pain in muscles; rehabilitation; in some cases even physical abuse
birds (12): therapy; problems with the throat, tonsils (vocal cords)
child (13): pregnancy; childhood illness
fox (14): in need of a second opinion; false diagnosis
bear (15): food allergies; eating disorders; stomach problems; overweight; diet
stars (16): recovery; medical treatment
stork (17): pregnancy; birth; recovery
dog (18): long-term friendship; soulmate, spiritual connection
tower (19): hospital; dispensary
garden (20): an actual garden; good health; in need of fresh air (take a walk)
mountain (21): migraine; breathing blockage; delays in recovery
crossroad (22): get a second opinion; explore your options; life-changing decision
mice (23): stress; exhaustion
heart (24): old love; heart problems
ring (25): continual treatment; repeating health issues
book (26): health exams; medical studies; unknown health issues
letter (27): prescription; results
man (28): spiritual man; a man with whom one has a past life connection
woman (29): spiritual woman; a woman with whom one has a past life connection
lily (30): Alzheimer’s disease; age-related illness
sun (31): sunburns; dehydration; in need of Vitamin D (spending more time in the sun); a lot of energy
moon (32): hormones; emotional health
key (33): life purpose; something destined; recovery
fish (34): fertility; dehydration
anchor (35): long-standing illness; stable health
cross (36): depression; an illness that is hard to heal

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