Wealth through spouse – is it the 2nd or the 8th House?

Wealth through spouse can be indicated in one’s natal chart. But which house and which planets should one take in consideration? Read the article below for more information on this topic.

Wealth through spouse – is it the 2nd or the 8th House?

In discussions about astrological wealth indicators in native’s natal chart there are often two houses that are mentioned as prominent for showing wealth2nd and 8th.

The 2nd House shows us possessions and attitudes towards money. On the other hand the 8th house rules money that we accumulate through partnership or marriage. Yet, some astrologers also consider the 11th House. They believe this house shows money that one gets through business and career.

I did some research on wealth in natal charts

In last two years I researched natal charts of 42 people, who made their money either through marriage or through ‘unformal’ romantic relationship. The 8th House shows us money that one gains through their partner or their spouse. Naturally, I expected to see some repeating patterns of planets in the 8th House or aspects to the 8th House, only to find out I was wrong.

In over 30 natal charts it was a strong native’s 2nd House that indicated wealth, not the 8th one.

Although in some other cases the 2nd House wasn’t prominent, it was then the ruler of the 2nd House who made the person wealthy. Namely, the 2nh House ruler was either in a positive aspect with the ruler of native’s 7th House or its placement was in the 7th House.

Wealth through spouse – is it the 2nd or the 8th House?

To me this was quite fascinating. As I was researching this topic on the internet, I found out many astrologers have had the same experience.

Are you a student of astrology? Please, do share your thoughts on this topic with us!



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  1. Hmmm interesting.. I see the opposite though. I have Venus and Jupiter in 2nd H, both square Pluto (which is supposed to be a millionaire aspect). I am poor myself and never meet even middle class men. My 2 friends though who have no 2nd H placements (one has Jupiter in 7th H and the other one Pluto in 8th H) do meet those men. The one with the Pluto meets the rich ones and they spend money on her (I know rich ones who won’t). The other one doesn’t meet rich men but she is always taken care by her boyfriends financially and practically.

    • Hi, Evelin. Check if your Venus and Jupiter or your whole 2nd House are somehow debilitated by aspects. This is the only logical explanation for it.

      • Hi Evelin, if both your natal Venus and Jupiter are being squared by Pluto, isn’t the square a debilitated aspect? I might be wrong here but I am super curious.

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