Will he contact me in the next three months?

Will he contact me in the next three months, she asked. Here is what the cards showed. Lenormand cards in action!

Claudia* was very fond of Mark*. He enjoyed her company at work – they were coworkers. They weren’t a couple. However, at some point, Claudia wanted more from their friendship, but she never revealed her feelings to Mark.

After a year company opened a brand new store in town that was a few hours of drive away from their already existing one, Mark was transferred there. He and Claudia were still in contact, but not as much as before. It was mostly she who called him or wrote him text; however, he never forgot to reply to her.

After a while, Claudia decided that she stop sending him messages and calling him. She would rather wait for him to make a move instead. After two months of silence from him, she turned to me. She asked me whether Mark would contact her soon on his own initiative or not.

I asked: “Will Mark contact Claudia in the next three months?” I shuffled cards and got:


Will he contact me? - Tarot and Lenormand readings

First of all, I noticed that there are no negative cards in a spread, but also only one firmly positive card (ANCHOR). The middle card – the focus card – is the Woman, which clearly indicates that no matter what happens, it will be she who will play the main role in the whole story.

It seems like her boss (BEAR) could be the one who will help her either get back in contact with Mark or forget about Mike. With the Letter beside the Bear, there could be some financial news for Claudia.

On the right side of the focus card, we have represented stability, work (ANCHOR), and something public (GARDEN), such as meetings, parties, or social groups. It is safe to say that Claudia will reach some financial and social stability in the next three months, but she will have to be careful not to take too much work on her shoulders.

It does look like Claudia will hear from Mark in the next three months, but it might be just a work-related message (LETTER). But it also seems that Claudia has been quite social three months ahead. There is a small chance that Mark’s message will be an actual invitation to a social event. More likely, she will spend a lot of time in public simply enjoying life.

* due to data privacy, the real name of a person has been replaced

So, what happened?

Mark did contact Claudia after a month and a half after this reading. They talked only for about two minutes. He tried to invite her to an office party (she found out this from him at the party), but instead of an invitation, he only discussed some recent staff changes that brought him new responsibilities. He asked Claudia for a piece of advice.


Thank you so much for your immense support!

Loves & Hugs, Rebecca


Candice August 31, 2020 - 4:06 am

I have an aries ex and I am an aries as well. I just want to know if hell come back to me or reach out me again. Amd if he still thinks about me?

Astrology and Tarot / Lenormand readings by Rebecca
Rebecca July 31, 2021 - 2:16 pm

Hi, Candice.

Making any kind of assumption based on your Sun sign alone would be irresponsible. In order to see, how current planetary position affects you and your EX, I would need to know at least your (and your EX’s) ASC and Venus sign, position of Venus and its aspects to other planets and points in your (and your EX’s) natal chart.


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