Will my EX come back?

“Will my EX come back?” I hear this question so many times… Today I want to share personal experience with you related to previous question, which is also a way to show you how I read Lenormand cards.

EX come back - Lenormand reading

Years ago I was involved in very short lived relationship. It lasted two months; it ended because of his EX, who was trying to win him over again. At that time I wasn’t in love with him, I was simply emotional venerable due to past romantic experience and I wanted to be loved by someone, anyone.

Long story short, after two months of dating he decided to go back to his EX. I was hurt and felt betrayed, but there was nothing much I could do. I let him go. Months later he and his EX broke up the second time; this time for good.

Over two years later he came back to me and started conversation with me via texting message. He wanted to try again, but didn’t say it “out loud”. Instead his messages were playful and he hid his real intention (of getting me back) with different types of emoticons.

The moment I read his message, I recognized his real intentions, but I was so over him and didn’t really want to have anything else with him, only platonic friendship. I replied him with a kind, friendly way, but was message was clear – nope, I am not interested in this anymore.

It was more than an hour after I sent him my text message, yet I still didn’t get his reply. I was starting to get a little bit worried; simply because I thought I was still too harsh on him and now he is afraid of sending me reply.

Will he reply me? I asked my cards. I shuffled cards and pulled five cards out of the deck.

EX come back - Lenormand cards


The main card (RIDER) clearly denotes that his reply is about to come. Meanwhile surrounding cards can give us some extra information about the content of this coming reply. There are two cards in the spread that denotes sexuality (WHIP, LILY), other two denote beauty, joy (BOUQUET) and emotions (STARS). Feedback will surly happen (WHIP) and hopeful or inspiring message (BOUQUET, STARS) from an older man (LILY) is denoted – he is older than I. As for timing I assumed that he will reply later than I expected; late night time (STARS, LILY) is denoted.

So, what happened?

He replied around 10:15PM, his message was funny, kind and a bit sexual as well. However, he wasn’t intrusive with this message; he simply took a shot and wanted to see whether he still has chances with me or not. Once I made clear, where we stand, he understood. We are still good friends.

Are you in doubts? Do you need clarification? Don’t be afraid to ask!


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