North & South Node in your Natal chart – Your destiny is calling – Part 1

South & North Node are important parts of every natal chart. Do you know where yours are?

South & North Node - Destiny

So you have heard of Sun, Moon, Venus, and other planets. You also know what your Ascendant means. But have you ever heard of lunar nodes? For North and South Node? People often don’t give much importance to lunar nodes. I do.

North and South Node both hold the key to your destiny and to your ultimate life lessons. If you are looking for your true purpose of existence (or if you are maybe a believer of reincarnation), take a look at lunar nodes.

The South Node – your comfort zone

The South Node will show us what individuals brought into this lifetime. These are abilities that come naturally to you – you may call them gifts or talents. The South Node can bring you satisfaction and a feeling of security, of belonging. However, it won’t help you to get evolved. This is North Node’s job.

The North Node – your learning curve

It’s not easy to get confronted with your greatest fears, but once you do, you will be amazed by how fulfilled this will make you feel. And this is what the North Node is all about. The North Node will show us where we need to put extra effort and evolve ourselves in this lifetime. It will give us valuable lessons and make us better and more fulfilled. It will give our life a true purpose.

So, what is my destiny?

Take a look at your natal chart. Find your natal North Node’s sign (South Node is opposite to North Node). Afterward, read explanations from Bruno and Louis Huber and Donna van Toen. To me, their descriptions are the most accurate.


Natal North Node in ARIES / South Node in LIBRA

Aries is the Cardinal Fire sign. It is ‘the’ sign par excellence in which self-manifestation takes place. Here, the ‘I’ must stand out against the world, and especially against the ‘You.’ We must be able to say ‘Yes’ to ourselves and express this attitude in our lifestyle. Nevertheless, the way in which the desire for self-assertion is expressed by the Aries native will depend on our state of awareness. Or, to put it another way, the hazier the picture we have of ourselves, the more we resort to force, but the more differentiated our consciousness is, the more subtly we proceed. Yet even when being fairly subtle, we still use ‘push’ – we have plenty of that.

The ‘I’ tends to manifest itself in what may be pictured as a series of pulsations. The same is true when the Moon’s Node is in Aries: we try to bring our personality to bear on the world in order to make things happen. This placement of the Node is usually a fairly strong incentive to be creative. Someone with the Node in Aries is incapable of settling down to routine work, even when output would increase. Increased output is not a consideration with Aries; what matters is creating something unlike anything anyone else can create. To produce something creative that is completely personal is the ultimate self-expression for this sign.

With hard aspects to the Node, there is a danger of over-producing. The native engage in hectic activity and revels in quantity instead of being creative. However, the individual with the Node in Aries can produce an enormous amount of truly creative work.

Natal North Node in TAURUS / South Node in SCORPIO

You have real hang-ups about earnings and resources. Your Scorpio South Node may reply: ‘Yeah, but that’s because I’ve been ripped off so often. You just can’t trust people.

Your problem is that you haven’t built up your own resources.

Possible reasons: You don’t really know what you want. You resent other people’s personal or material success. You have sexual misconceptions or misconceptions about material wealth. Maybe you were brought up to equate affection and caring with getting material things. On rare occasions, people with South Node in Scorpio have a ‘you’ve got to be more crooked to make any money in this world’s philosophy. More often, there’s a tendency to make changes just for the sake of changing.

Possible solutions: Learn to enjoy both giving and receiving, whether the exchange involves affection, compliments, money, or whatever. Develop a strong sense of personal values based on your own needs. Forget about morals, and do what you have to do.

Natal North Node in GEMINI / South Node in SAGITTARIUS

You need to share your awareness with others. Your Sagittarius South Node replies, “Yeah, but I don’t want to stick around explaining things. I can’t learn anything that way.”

Your problems are likely to include an obsession with learning but no interest in using your knowledge in any practical way. Difficulty establishing lasting relationships leads to the overvaluation of books, classes, and other intellectual activities that provide indirect communication.

Possible reasons for these problems include: that a need for long-term concentration on study or some sort of cultural, ethnic, or religious difference has interfered with the formation of relationships; that a speech impediment has caused you to turn to books instead of people; that a literary career limits people to contact; dependency on reading as an escape from a boring routine; that poor judgment about people has caused you to place your trust only in ‘proven’ sources of information; that a lack of concentration has led to communication problems and misunderstandings; or that you have a need to conquer ain ingrained feeling of stupidity or inferiority.

Possible solutions: Develop your latent communication skills. Channel your intellect instead of being a slave to it. Share your knowledge with others to that they can learn. Become a professional trivia expert, a con artist, or a perpetual student.

Natal North Node in CANCER / South Node in CAPRICORN

Manifestation processes come to the fore again in the cardinal sign Cancer. In its manifestation, Cancer is oriented toward the collective as a whole. The native wants access to a home or ‘nest’. He or she needs to be part of a family and hates to be alone. Group membership gives a sense of protection and warmth. If the Node is in Cancer, the individual should try to join in. Very often, a Node with this placement occurs in strong-minded individuals who are much inclined to do their own thing and withdraw from the crowd. In the extreme case, they live like hermits because they believe they are better or more exalted than others.

The Node in a collective sign indicates that one should become involved in a collective in order to feel part of a family, group, local community, nation, or the whole human race. The native could become the center of a hive, perhaps. For his, a measure of industry and activity is required – as befits a cardinal sign. People with Node in cancer cannot laze about and do nothing; they must become involved in the creation of a collective relationship for their own benefit, and preferably for the benefit of others also.

The easiest way for them to do this is to find a family. With the Node in Cancer, it is important to be able to achieve emotional harmony with those around you. Any tendency toward solitude and isolation opposes this placement of the Node. The emotional experience of community and belonging has a big role to play here.

Natal North Node in LEO / South Node in AQUARIUS

In the fixed sign Leo, we are concerned with gaining a secure position in life. Leo is also a Fire sign, and the Leo personality consumes for its own benefit the living space surrounding others. Leo wants to be a monarch and to possess a realm of which it can be said: “Here I am at home, and here I will carry out my activities. This is my territory, and I will never surrender it.”

Leo always keeps a firm grip on a personal world that represents security in the changing scenes of life, and, of course, people play a decisive part in these scenes.

With the Node in Leo, we should adopt a positive, well-defined attitude to our environment. We ought to make ourselves known, place ourselves in the center of our world, and learn to cope with it. Usually, the world does not leave us alone but is continually provoking confrontations. Anyway, this position of the Node helps to correct our development and brings us out into the open.

In charts indicating a certain hesitancy or nervousness over making one’s presence felt, a Node with this placement may help to overcome this tendency. The Node here encourages the individual to come out of his or her shell and be willing to take a few risks. Finally, this Node urges us to test ourselves in the world and be willing to experience euphoric self-realization and the suffering of reverses, along with everything that lies in between. As a Leo, we may seem to ourselves and others to be very much on the offensive all the time; in reality, however, we are very much on the defensive, for Leo is a fixed sign, and only the Fire in it produces the touch of aggression.

Natal North Node in VIRGO / South Node in PISCES

You need to learn to work. Your Pisces South Node may reply, “Yeah, but that means giving up my privacy.”

Your problem may be your inability to analyze feelings. Possible reasons for this problem: excessive tolerance of unacceptable behavior from others; faulty reasoning; a tendency to gloss over flaws; a tendency to help others while letting your own life disintegrate; escapist tendencies; your early upbringing has led to a ‘you owe me’ attitude; your sense being over-active, overwhelming your logic.

Possible solutions: Channel your fantasies into creative work – poetry, fiction, psychology, etc. Learn to rule your senses instead of letting them rule you. Learn to lie skillfully. Shun human contact as much as possible. Over-eat, drink too much, and get stoned.

Natal North Node in LIBRA / South Node in ARIES

You need to learn to cooperate and get along better with others. Your Aries South Node may reply, “Yeah, but they never want to go along with my plans.”

Your problems may include that you have an exaggerated need to prove yourself; that you tend to be uncomfortable; and that, because of your upbringing, you’ve come to place too high a value on assertiveness.

Possible solutions: Stabilize your relationships in terms of five and take. Learn to differentiate between caring and controlling. Learn to let others have a chance to decide for themselves. Stifle your need for others, and look out for yourself.

Natal North Node in SCORPIO / South Node in TAURUS

In the fixed Water sign, Scorpio, you make an effort to establish a regular system. Here, too, as in the opposite sign, Taurus, one is concerned with the use of material resources; now, however, they are other people’s material resources. Thus in Scorpio, we often meet the type that administers the property of others, manages them, utilizes and fosters their talents, and acts as an agent for their skills and services.

In principle, the Scorpio Node challenges us to be prepared to act on behalf of others and to exploit their resources for their benefit and in accordance with their intentions. Obviously, in such a situation, the natives have to stand back a little, though, of course, having a personal part to play. In order to exercise such a function, they have to gain a place in society. The Scorpio Node always indicates an effort to achieve a certain social status. This can mean nothing more than ambition and the aspiration to be someone important, especially with hard aspects of the Node.

Scorpios always think they are able to decide what is good for others. Usually, they can give them helpful advice on how to realize their assets and on how to find the best chances of success. Scorpios avail themselves of existing forms and structures. With the Scorpio Node, one can easily adapt to current social arrangements. One can also develop the knack of exploiting them to the advantage of oneself and others.

Natal North Node in SAGITTARIUS / South Node in GEMINI

You should follow through on your interest in psychology, travel, etc. Your Gemini South Node may reply: “Yeah, but my day-to-day activities don’t leave me any time. Besides, I hate studying.”

Your problem is that a mental block prevents expansion.

Possible reasons: Environmental restrictions hindered learning. Refusal to take chances. Dislike of reading or distrust of any type of indirect communication. Reluctance to be put in a position where you may be asked to give advice, teach, etc. An upbringing that encouraged superficiality. Little success with early education.

Possible solutions: Take interest courses. Loosen stifling ties and routines. Sever all ties, and spend your time drifting.

Natal North Node in CAPRICORN / South Node in CANCER

You should take steps towards a career (or honors or increased self-esteem). Your Cancer South Node may reply, “Yeah, but what would my kids (or parents or boss) do without me?”

Your Problem is that you have adopted real or imagined responsibilities to others that are keeping you from becoming all that you can become.

Possible reasons: Fear of public exposure. Lack of planning. A feeling that you’re unworthy in some way. Refusal to let others lead their own lives.

Possible solutions: Take cautious steps towards the careers, honors, or recognition you want. Examine your needs and responsibilities honestly, and take the necessary steps to balance them. Get a divorce. Commit suicide (Apollo’s note – don’t do it: the author was being teasingly sarcastic here). Study the lives and actions of others who have done what you want to do, and pattern your life after theirs if at all possible.

Natal North Node in AQUARIUS / South Node in LEO

In the fixed Air sign, Aquarius, we are once more concerned with the establishment and maintenance of a position in life. In Aquarius, conscious attitudes in thought, ethics, and philosophy come to the fore. Primary importance is attached to the rule of reason; practical living is secondary.

Aquarians know something about everything and revel in logical argument, in which a certain proposition may be deduced from given premises. In other words, they have a strong urge to view the world rationally and to work out a system by which things can be reshaped in everyday life. They tend to build castles in the air. If the Node receives an inconjunct, for instance, Utopian plans are laid without reference to what may reasonably be achieved.

At their best, Aquarians strive to think clearly in order to see the world as it is. Because the Aquarian mind is mostly occupied with this world and with the social order, it looks for an unambiguous, usable form of ethics that offers solutions for contemporary problems. In that respect, Aquarius is like the previous fixed sign, Scorpio.

The natives of both these signs are interested in creating an ideal system. Now, in striving for perfect social order, the first task is to keep order inside one’s own head. With the Aquarian Node, the feelings often intervene and muddle the thoughts to some extent. Therefore order must first be established in the conscious mind, in the personal world of thought, before any crusading is done in the big world outside.

In the extreme case, there is a proneness to be dogmatic and to admonish all and sundry who do not share one’s ideals. This power-play is reminiscent of Leo, and, of course, the Descending Node is in Leo at the opposite pole of the axis.

Natal North Node in PISCES / South Node in VIRGO

You must learn to sacrifice, give in, or give up. Your Virgo South Node may reply, “Yeah, but I have too much invested.”
Your problem is a lack of understanding of need priorities. Possible reasons: Excessive stubbornness. Fear of being taken advantage of. Self-destructive tendencies. Refusal to face the fact that some problems are difficult to solve totally. An excessively critical environment makes it hard to admit defeat. Guilt over past wrong-doing or failures.

Possible solutions: Learn to relax. Temper your analytic tendencies with compassion for yourself and others. Judge people and things by their usefulness and set your priorities accordingly.

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