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True Node, Mean Node, North Node – what is the difference?

True Node, Mean Node, North Node – what is the difference?

If you are a student of astrology and you try to read and analyze natal chart more in-depth (no just aspects between planets but also aspects between planets, cusps and chart’s angles), than you will for sure meet the North Node and the South Node.

However if you look even deeper you will notice that the North Node has two ‘nicknames’ (True Node, Mean Node) and here things can get a little confusing.

Where is the difference between TRUE Node and MEAN Node?

Both, the True and the Mean Node (in natal chart you will notice two nodes that are max 2.5 degrees apart) actually present the same thing (which is the NORTH Node), the only difference is the way they have been calculated.

The True Node is the real position of the Moon’s node at any time while the Mean Node is the position of the Moon’s node according to a mathematical formula which ignores many of the minor perturbations in its orbit. To sum up; the True Node is the exact location of the Moon’s Node while the Mean Node presents the average location of the Moon’s Node at the time.

Only as side information it is also good to know that the Mean Node is always retrograde, while the True Node may occasionally be direct.

Which one should I use in my natal chart interpretation?

Well, there is no strict rule which one to use – True or Mean Node. However, most astrologers use the True Node (as do I), since the True Node is considered to be your ideal life’s path that you should follow in order to reach your fullfilment and ultimate satisfaction. It is considered to represent the skills, talents, knowledge, qualities, and attitudes we need to develop in this lifetime in order to reach our full potential.


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