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JUNO – your perfect partner!

Perfect partner is shown through Juno, the so called “Marriage Asteroid” – it tells you much about your relationship to a partner and any commited union.

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What is Juno

As already explained in the article Juno – my true love and spouse! Part 1 , Juno is ‘the marriage asteroid’ and it represents how someone relates to a partner in the context of a committed union.

Juno in Greek Mythology

In classical mythology, Juno, known to the Greeks as Hera, was wedded to Jupiter (Greek Zeus), supreme king of heaven and earth. As such, she became his queen and the goddess of marriage. In the myths of an earlier time, however, long before her meeting with Jupiter, Juno was one of the primary great goddesses in her own right. As the only one who was his equal, Juno was chosen by Jupiter to initiate with him the rites of legal, monogamous, patriarchally defined marriage. As his queen, she became but a figurehead and was repeatedly deceived, betrayed, and humiliated by her husband’s many infidelities. In the myths Juno was portrayed as a jealous, manipulative, vindictive, revengeful, and malcontent wife who, after tempestuous fights, would periodically leave her husband. However, she always returned to try to work things out one more time.

Juno in the Human Psyche

In the human psyche, Juno represents that aspect of each person’s nature that feels the urge to unite with another person to build a future together in a committed relationship. This partnership is sustained over time through a formal and binding commitment, whether it be a worldly or a spiritual bond. Juno speaks to one’s desire to connect with a mate who is one’s true equal on all levels—psychologically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

When we do not receive intimacy, depth, equality, honesty, respect, and fulfillment in our unions, Juno speaks to our emotions of disappointment, despair, anger, and rage, which can overwhelm us. This is especially true when we have given up a great deal, such as a career, family, home, or religion, to enter the relationship. The Juno in us makes us confront the issues of submission and domination, fidelity and infidelity, trust and deception, and forgiveness and revenge. In her realm, we find ourselves in power struggles for equality as we attempt to balance and integrate ourselves with another person and learn to transform selfish desires into cooperative union.

Juno and your perfect partner

Juno is the archetype of the wife and partner who maintains her marital commitment to her husband in the face of conflict and struggle. In the birth chart, she, along with other chart factors such as the seventh house, represents your capacity for meaningful committed relationships, your attitude toward such relationships, and the type of relationship experiences that you need in order to feel fulfilled. She represents both what you need and what you attract, and she also signifies the ways in which you act out your disappointment over broken unions. These relationships are usually romantic in nature, but may sometimes assume other forms such as business, professional or creative partnerships.

So, what does your natal Juno says about your perfect partner?

It’s sign and placement in natal chart reveals the kind of person we are meant to marry. It represents what we need in a mate. Some astrologers are of an opinion that Juno represents our ture love or marriage partner. So, do you know, where your Juno is in your natal chart? If so, check, what kind of partner do you need! However, if you alreay have your partner, then you can check, if you two have any special aspects between Juno and personal planets – this can actually mean that you two were meant to get married or to be a couple! You don’t know if you and your partner have any special aspects between Juno and your personal planets? No problem, order SYNASTRY chart and ask for FREE special JUNO REPORT!


Source: The Astrology Book, The Encyclopedia of Heavenly Influences; R. Lewis, James (2003)


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